An informational subject line is exactly what it sounds like: a subject line that presents information critical to your customer’s decision-making process. Try this list of subject line tips and ideas. Segmentation — when you divide your email list into relevant target groups (demographics or geography, for example). When it comes to your first invite to an event, you need to create urgency in your subject line to get the open. Lost your subject line mojo? While there are many things you can be doing to help your subject lines perform better (segmenting your mailing list, testing your subject lines, and playing around with length, for example), sometimes you just need to see a collection of examples to help you get inspired. Join 250,000 in-the-know marketers and get the latest marketing tips, tactics, and news right in your inbox. Use these event email subject lines for inspiration. Try these email reminder subject lines during your next event marketing campaign to drive engagement…, To help your subscribers get excited for your Halloween email promotions, we’ve compiled a list…. In increase email open rates, make sure to set up resending the email campaign to non-openers, using different subject line.. What 19 Event Invitation Email Templates Can Teach You. Get your tickets now! A younger demographic may appreciate emoji in the subject line, whereas an older demographic may find it unappealing. With our powerful yet easy-to-use tools, it's never been easier to make an impact with email marketing. Have a special reason to celebrate your customers? Infographic: Americans Would Rather Be Known for Their Experiences Than Possessions, The 10 Best Ways to Promote Your Event Online, Largest [Event Type] in [Geographic Location]: [Event Name]. Write every subject line to entice the subscriber to open the email so they can read your engaging content and CTA. Once people have attended your event, you want to show appreciation for their patronage. There are several uses of “save the date,” which is a popular phrase in the event industry. You’re about to miss [Event Name]! Here we are discussing some ideas of email subject lines for invitations. Your subject line is what gets people to open your email, and your CTA gets people to join your event. If you’re hosting an event with a lineup, you may find that using an email showcasing your headliners or expert speakers is the way to go. Looking for an email tool that can help you track your opens? You’re planning an important event and you’ve run into a problem. Offering discounts and promotional codes for your event is a great way to get people to open your emails. A few important takeaways regarding event email subject lines: All it takes is just a little bit of diligence, patience, and testing. Subject lines with “Save [$xx] today!” may perform well for certain events. Review our cookie information to learn more. Your subject line is the most important component of your email, so spend the most time on it. Event Emails are ineffective if no one reads them! Are you trying to reach young people for a music festival? The content provided in this blog ("Content”), should not be construed as and is not intended to constitute financial, legal or tax advice. Join us at [Event Name]! Hi [Name], free [Date]? Check them out in 7 Email Copy Templates to Sell Out Your Next Event. Are you planning a nonprofit event to raise money for charity? Quiz: Are You Charging the Right Price for Your Event? For example, you’ll notice a few emoji and two references to a countdown, indicating a sense of urgency.

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