- Julie's Eats & Treats What a fun and easy summer snack, this is going to be the kids favorite. Copycat Bluebird Turkey and Brie Sandwich, Christmas Salad with Creamy Poppy Seed Dressing, Lasagna Soup (with European canned tomatoes), If you want to see ALL of our apple recipes, click. Can i use whip cream? The recipe I have does call for the instant pudding. , If you want to take it really over the top, try adding strawberry yogurt to this, as well. Snickers Salad, also known as Snicker Apple Salad, is a salad the kids will actually be happy to eat! https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/221192/apple-snicker-salad How about turning it into a pie you could freeze? Cut apples into bite size pieces. Take a picture of yourself making or enjoying one of our recipes with someone you love. Have fun with it and make it your own! I use the small bite size snickers that come unwrapped in a zipped lock bag,like the bite size Reeses. We can’t wait to see what you’re cooking and share it on our website! This is delicious without a doubt! What could you use instead of cool whip??? Yeah, I don’t see why not.. it would be delicious! Add the sugar and vanilla and whip until stiff peaks form. To help make that a reality, we have rounded up five salads—each made with only 3 ingredients!—so you can have a new, healthy combo every weekday! This is a DELICIOUS version of this salad. It was not the taste I was expecting when I took a bite of a fruit salad! The nice thing about this salad is that you can use any apples you have. It is requested by my children all the time as a side dish. See what Team WR is loving right now when it comes to greens. https://sincerelyjean.com/3-ingredient-snickers-apple-salad We use Cool Whip for the convenience but have also used homemade whipped cream and it tastes great. regular whipped cream?? I like to add extra apples and chopped snickers on top prior to serving. Thank you for visiting our site! Yes you can . MIX. This is such a fun recipe for a gathering. Mix cut up Snickers bars and apples in a medium-sized bowl. If you try it let us know how it turns out! ARUGULA + DRIED CRANS + GOAT CHEESE. Updated Sep 10, 2020 36 Comments Apple, Chocolate, Kid Friendly, Salads. Our most popular "copycat" recipes to try at home. We have also heard of people adding bananas, pineapples, or fruit cocktail. SERVE. Today is the 4th of July… guess what I’m making hahaha. Like make a single bowl. Sincerely Jean https://sincerelyjean.com/, 5 Ingredient Slow Cooker Salsa Verde Ranch Chicken », Baby Gear That Both You + Your Babe Will Love, When ready to serve, stir in Snickers pieces, I add the Snickers in last so that they won't harden in the fridge. Such a fun idea, my boys would love this! The sugar from the Cool Whip keeps them from browning so quickly. Toss apples with fruit fresh, this helps apples from turning brown. It was a disaster. If you have an abundance of apples this year or are just looking to try some new apple recipes, we have TONS to share with you! You can surprise your guests and let them guess what that chewy, caramel, nutty, deliciousness is in the salad, or garnish with extra snickers bars on top. This is one of the best salads!! I like to use a mix of Red Delicious and Green Apples. Then stir in the chopped apples and snickers until combined. I went on a quest to find out who brought the salad so I could find out what was in it. Tart, crispy apples and chewy, caramel-y Snickers bars are the perfect combination! At the end of the day, this recipe can be as simple or complicated as you want. I love the peppery taste arugula adds to my salads. Would that spare the browning apples? . This Snicker Apple Salad can easily be transformed into a Snickers Caramel Apple Salad by drizzling a little caramel topping over the whipped cream. HOWEVER, do NOT make the mistake (that I did) and use FAT FREE cool whip. Fold in Cool Whip You cannot taste it and it keeps the apples from browning. https://www.mycreativemanner.com/2019/03/07/snickers-apple-salad I always cleared it before it was fully empty to keep some for myself. I like granny smith apples, raisins, and duke’s mayo mix and eat. I had no idea what was in it, because everything was coated with Cool Whip. Using a stand mixer or hand mixer, whip the cream until soft peaks form. Its fun to have one green apple and one red apple for added color! This Snicker Apple Salad is a fun recipe! Log in. Join my tribe and receive my FREE 30 - five ingredient recipe eCookbook + get my favorite recipes, fashion tips & so much more straight into your inbox! You will want to serve the same day, if possible (though I have found myself eating leftovers a day after and they are still crisp and good). Your email address will not be published. Once everything is mixed together, chill in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving. Its an easy recipe to change up too! If Snickers aren’t your thing, or you are feeding someone with a peanut allergy, you can always change up the candy bar. When I sat down and took a bite, I knew I was eating apples, but I could not figure out what the delicious caramel and nutty taste was – I just knew it tasted perfect with the apples! Thanx, Can you do Cool Whip? https://www.food.com/recipe/snickers-caramel-apple-salad-105580 Please enter an Access Token on the Instagram Feed plugin Settings page, Copyright © 2020 Favorite Family Recipes  •  All Rights Reserved  •  Privacy Policy  •  Terms and Disclosure  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs. You can read more in my disclosure policy here.

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