The units are given in centimeters, which is the equivalent amount of water that could be produced if all the water vapor in the column were to condense. Areas of missing data appear in shades of gray. The lowest amounts of water vapor (0 centimeters) appear in white, and the highest amounts (6 centimeters) appear in dark blue. Water has been called the life force. Evaporation, Transpiration and Condensation, Water, Class 6 - The changing of water into water vapour is called evaporation. See more. Really the boiling point means that water vapor wants 100% partial pressure: it wants all of the air to be water vapor. water vapor, which is evaporated water, condensates when in the atmosphere which makes rain. In other words, water vapor can act like a tracer of air movement, much like smoke from an extinguished candle . The wavelength spectrum used to detect water vapor is in the 6.7 to 7.3 micrometer wavelength range. The upper and middle levels of the atmosphere are from about 650 mb to the top of the troposphere. Water vapor imagery is used to analyze the presence and movement of water vapor moisture in the upper and middle levels of the atmosphere. It is a principal element in the thermodynamics of the atmosphere, it transports latent heat, it contributes to absorption and emission in a n umber of bands and it condenses into clouds that reflect and adsorb solar radiation, thus directly affecting the energy balance. They are given below: Water going from a solid to a liquid: Melting Water going from a liquid to a gas: Evaporation Water going from a solid to a gas: Sublimation There are names for each of the phase changes of water. There are 3 states of water which are liquid, solid and gas. All three states exist on earth. Water vapor definition, a dispersion, in air, of molecules of water, especially as produced by evaporation at ambient temperatures rather than by boiling. Lesson Summary. Well, because water vapor is everywhere, and it moves along with the wind, forecasters most often use water vapor imagery to visualize upper-level circulations in the absence of clouds. The changing of water vapour into liquid water on … Water vapour – simple humidity – is actually the largest single greenhouse gas. The loss of water from plants as water vapour through the pores of their leaves is called transpiration. Water vapour plays a dominant role in the radiative balance and the hydrological cycle.

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