The fingers after the barre form an E chord shape. The G# heightens the tension in this underrated example of heavy metal storytelling. Ab Major, which you might also come across as its enharmonic equivalent G# Major, isn’t the most common or popular chord in the guitar world, but it’s essential all the same. Show All Ab Chords Hide Chord List Ab major Ab minor Ab 7 Ab m7 Ab maj7 Ab m#7 (mM7) Ab 7b5 Ab 7#5 Ab m7b5 Ab 7b9 Ab b5 Ab 5 Power Chord Ab 6 Ab m6 Ab 69 Ab 9 Ab 9b5 Ab 9x5 Ab m9 Ab maj9 Ab add9 Ab 7#9 Ab 11 Ab m11 Ab 13 Ab maj13 Ab sus2 Ab sus4 Ab7 sus4 Ab9 sus4 Ab dim Ab half dim Ab dim7 Ab aug Ab/C Ab/Eb Ab/G Ab/Gb Ab/Bb This is how to play the Ab guitar chord using an A shaped barre chord. Ab Guitar Chord Ab #1 Ab #2 Ab Barre Ab Easy 8th - 11th Fret Ab Power. Ab guitar chord: Using The A Shape. To hear the Ab chord played as a G#, check out Tesla’s “Modern Day Cowboy,” which makes use of an arpeggio - deconstructing a chord to be played as a series of single notes, as well as more advanced guitar techniques like 16th note triplets and palm muting. The other most common way to fret a barre chord is use an A shape. You may well have noticed that the first Ab guitar chord we looked at is a ‘E shape’.

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