MORE : 11 ways to celebrate Burns Night 2016 in London MORE : Burns Night recipe: Easy to make haggis … It's an unusually simple recipe; as the haggis itself comes ready seasoned, all I have to do is crumble it, layer it with tomatoes, pasta and bechamel sauce and Rab's your uncle. Mac and cheese is the ultimate comfort food – so why not to upgrade the classic with the addition of haggis and a crunchy top, like Mac and Wild (see top picture)? It was always going to be difficult to shoehorn offal into a sweet course – promising leads on haggis truffles prove to lead to chocolates merely flavoured with haggis spice, rather than anything actually containing meat. Old Rabbie Burns has a lot to answer for. "Once you've shaken off the sugar." Slow-cooked beef brisket burgers with tangy homemade coleslaw, 2 handfuls of grated Isle Mull Cheddar (any cheddar will do). Use it to give your Sunday roast a Scottish twist with haggis stuffing. Keen to share the happy news, I invited some unsuspecting friends round to enjoy a menu of offally goodness. 3 haggis recipes for Burns Night Make an alternative Burns supper with these tasty recipes, all featuring Scottish Haggis. 1 Roll the haggis into balls weighing 25g each. Verdict: A step too far: haggis is in no danger of replacing cranachan as Scotland's most famous dessert. Too late, I read the small print: despite the name, they're actually canapes (o faint hearted Martin!). Photograph: Felicity Cloake. If you love switching spaghetti for spiralised courgette or replacing pasta sheets with butternut squash in lasagne, then this is the haggis recipe for you. When can I book my Christmas online order? I'm pleased to discover award-winning Edinburgh haggis producer Macsween, who created the vegetarian haggis back in 1984 (to celebrate the opening of the Scottish poetry library no less), offer an easy-looking vegetarian haggis pakora recipe on their website. Haggis is quite a dry affair, and I worry about the lack of gravy, but the results are the hit of the evening. 35ml of whisky. After all, who can resist a freshly fried pakora? "They're really delicious," someone else tells me. Put the 2nd handful of cheese on the other slice of bread. They're apparently all the rage in Indian restaurants north of the border (along with haggis samosas), so I thought they'd be a safe way to ease us into the meal. 750ml of vegetable oil. Verdict: a runaway hit – definitely the one I'd make again (although I might be tempted to add a little gravy). "One of the other popular ways to serve haggis is as a bonbon, a small ball rolled in panko breadcrumbs and fried," says Sean. I refuse to be deterred; after rolling the haggis into balls, coating in crunchy panko breadcrumbs and deep frying, I freestyle and dust each one with golden icing sugar before serving with the whisky marmalade dip. The haggis ice cream, however, I'll leave to Heston. Image: Waitrose. Will I be cooking with haggis again? Maybe they're all just greedy. Andy Waugh, co-founder of acclaimed Scottish restaurants Mac and Wild says, "One of the great ways to use leftover haggis is in a toastie!" "We make a haggis cannelloni which replaces pasta with a thin sheet of swede, which is more in keeping with the traditional accompaniments – neeps are swedes," says Sean. "We roll the haggis into a sausage shape then wrap in a sheet of swede, brush with butter and bake until hot in the centre. Serve a bowl of these to your guests with some mushroom ketchup and they will soon be converted!". Then I come along Martin Wishart's bon bons: a petit four with some serious Michelin-starred credentials. And Andy’s helpfully shared his recipe for the ultimate haggis toastie: If you fancy turning your haggis into a party nibble, the haggis bonbon needs to be on your radar. Three amazing alternative haggis recipes for Burns night From fried haggis on toast to haggis pakora, it turns out that Scotland's national dish is surprisingly versatile. Haggis is an unlovely word for what many consider a rather nasty dish. Rachel Liddle is the Digital Editor of Prima, specialising in lifestyle, food, health and parenting. "The traditional way is to steam or boil haggis, but I like to bake it in the oven with a little butter on top so it has a nice crunchy top," says Sean Kelly, chef at The Lovat in Loch Ness. If you're looking for a non-traditional way to serve haggis, forget about neeps and tatties, and try these chef tips. Verdict: An excellent local spin on the traditional keema pakora, it has prompted me to give serious consideration to the idea of a haggis samosa. Three amazing alternative haggis recipes for Burns night From fried haggis on toast to haggis pakora, it turns out that Scotland's national dish is surprisingly versatile. As well as the traditional version, you can also get vegetarian haggis, where the offal is replaced with vegetables and the suet with margarine. The spicy, savoury pudding is mince-like, made from ground sheep heart, lungs and liver combined with oats, suet, seasoning and spices. Add your venison mince to the crumbled haggis and beat the mixture with a pedal on your food mixer until well combined and a stiff mixture is achieved. Are you a haggis fan or a hater, and if the former, what will you be making with your great chieftain of the pudding race this Burns night? I prise the thing from its skin (much easier when you know that skin wasn't once something's stomach), and roll the mixture of pulses and oats inside into balls. It is essentially a steamed pudding made of a forcemeat of sheep's liver, heart and lungs stuffed into a sheep's stomach. Haggis should be slightly peppery, but I find some brands are a bit shy on the pepper, so I often add some extra freshly ground pepper.". "I find this combination of flavours … confusing," one says delicately. Try this epic three-course haggis-based feast, or use your leftovers from Saturday's traditional Burns supper for a haggis lasagne on Sunday, Haggis Pakoras … exotic. Full recipes for these dishes and others can be found by visiting the Macsween website. Haggis pakoras caught my attention from the start, showcasing as they do both haggis's more exotic side, and the Scottish predilection for deep-frying anything that will stay still long enough to be dunked in batter. The Scottish delicacy is famously paired with neeps and tatties, aka, mashed swede and potatoes. 6. Ever since he crowned the haggis "great chieftain of the pudding race" the poor sausage has been condemned to put in an annual appearance at his birthday bash – and languish largely ignored by everyone but Scottish chip shops for the other 11 months of the year. Remove the mix from the bowl and portion into 100g balls. Sue Lawrence's haggis lasagne fits the bill perfectly; another crowd pleaser that modestly conceals the main ingredient – hag bol might, I decide, scare the guests away. For more inspiration for your Burns supper, check out our Burns Night recipes page! As we have the Romans to thank for the cunning concept of preserving meat inside its own internal organs, I decide the menu has to include at least one Italian dish. One guest even declares it's converted them to the joys of haggis – "the tomatoes make it less dense than usual", and the dish is scraped clean, much to the dog's dismay. Haggis Lasagne Photograph: Felicity Cloake, Haggis bon bons with whisky marmalade dip. Place into a dry frying pan (butter side down) on med-low heat and leave until golden on the bottom and the cheese begins to melt. 3 haggis recipes for Burns Night Make an alternative Burns supper with these tasty recipes, all featuring Scottish Haggis. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Certainly – I've already got firm plans for at least a haggis and pea curry and haggis meatballs with spaghetti. If Haggis, neeps and tatties isn’t your jam, but you’d still like to celebrate Burns Night, try these alternative recipes using Haggis for your supper. It must be easy to dislodge, because again, the dog is disappointed when it comes to leftovers. But whether you’re celebrating Robbie Burn's birthday or just want to give this Scottish dish a whirl, there are plenty of alternative ways to cook haggis if you’re feeling adventurous. They get a pretty good reception, and although I've managed to make them monstrously large, they all disappear. Mac and Wild shared this simple recipe for celebratory venison and haggis burgers: Haggis doesn’t just have to be for Burns night. Chicken supreme stuffed with haggis (Donald Russell) To please the haggis-sceptics, this Donald Russell recipe just uses the Scottish delicacy as … ld Rabbie Burns has a lot to answer for. "A great way to serve haggis for those who have never tried it before. Take things up a level this Burns Night by incorporating haggis into your homemade burger mix. Haggis has a rich flavour of the kind delicately described as "earthy" (which basically means offally) and an interestingly nubbly, oaty texture which suggested it might have potential as an ingredient once the less than fascinating neep was safely out of the picture. Salt and pepper.

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