Personally, I think the correct word is "antipasto" which means "before the meal," but a large tray of Italian cured meats, marinated vegetables, olives, cheeses, pepperocini (mild yellow peppers) and maybe some anchovies by any other name is just as tasty. If you enjoy having friends over for a wine and cheese pairings, this type of platter is perfect for that event. The history of antipasto is rooted in medieval Italy. The key components of Antipasto are any combination of deli meats, cheese, olives, marinated and fresh-cut vegetables, dried fruits, and salted nuts. antipasta and antipasto are singular.. antipasto is masculine and antipasta is feminine antipasti is plural, therefore you would say " i ordered a plate of antipasti" Source(s): i speak italian The options are endless. Christmas Tree Antipasto Salad This cheery holiday salad is a fun (and delicious!) decorating idea for a party. A good crusty bread or thin bread sticks accompany the nibbles. Check out his post for a using the ideas of antipasti in an antipasto salad, instead of on a platter.. Antipasto definition, a course of appetizers consisting of an assortment of foods, as olives, anchovies, sliced sausage, peppers, and artichoke hearts. See more. Sweet and savory finger-foods such as sugared nuts and sliced ham got diners in the mood for a meal. With the evolution of Italian cuisine, antipasto has taken on the form of many new dishes. Is It Antipasto, Antipasti or Antipasta? Antipasto is a flexible course, too. A classic aperitivo cocktail is spritz, made with 1/3 seltzer, 1/3 prosecco wine, 1/3 bitter (Aperol Campari, Select, Cynar), ice, and lemon, orange and/or one olive Aperitivo nowadays can mean two different things. But the aim of antipasto is the same: to get you ready for the many courses to follow in a traditional Italian meal.

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