BRUN - Executes a machine language (binary) file. This FAQ may not be sold, bundled on disks or CD-ROMs, reprinted in magazines, books, periodicals, or the like without prior consent from the maintainer, Tony Diaz. After formatting a ProDOS disk, you will need to copy the 'PRODOS' file and at least one 'SYS' file with name ending in '.SYSTEM' (e.g. It came For BASIC programs only. I apologize in advance for any slipups. [DOS 3.x only] Allocates memory space for the specified number of files to be open at once. A few lesser-used commands were removed, most notably the ability to switch to 'Integer Basic', as well as disk formatting. ProDOS is case insensitive, but for consistency, commands are still uppercased. The default is 3. Binary File Commands. DOS 3.3 Launcher is available from the normal Apple II ftp sites: FAQtual NOTE: This document contains both reference and contact information. Under DOS 3.x, if you load a program with the 'wrong' Basic from what is currently loaded, the Basic is switched, if available. ProDOS was designed to be a replacement for DOS 3.3, and added many features not part of original DOS 3.3 such as support for disks other than the 5.25" drive, as well as directories and timestamping of files. Like all OS commands, within an Applesoft Basic program, this command should be preceeded by the control-D character. With technological improvements to the disk interface card, 16 sectors could be fit in, for a total of 140K/side. 40-column directory listing. If a prefix or slot/drive location is specified, it is used as the new prefix; use a leading slash on a pathname to specify an absolute path, or omit it for a path relative to the current. Writes the current Basic program (no variable declarations) to disk. out in 1985. For more information on accessing text files from within Basic, please see the Applesoft Basic FAQ at Version: 1.03 Quick file protect from change or deletion, Checks existence, DOS 3.3 checks if is readable. DOS 3.x's directory listing fits in 40 columns wide, while ProDOS's CATALOG is 80 columns wide. Without BASIC.SYSTEM, ProDOS only has a Machine Language Interface (MLI) for interfacing with apps; during the rest of this FAQ, I have been lazy in referring to things as 'ProDOS' commands when they are ProDOS's BASIC.SYSTEM commands. I found these in the back of a manual for II in a Mac, one of the first Apple II emulators that ran on the original Mac and Mac 512. Alltech Electronics (see csa2 FAQ section 10.2) is licensed to sell many of the above, such as GS System Software 5.0.4 and 6.0.1, Apple // System Disk 4.02, and ProDOS 1.1.1. Expect a few minor continuing changes in its layout, content, and correctness. Consequently, don't look for any patches to save download time; those never existed. These early releases supported only 13 sectors/track * 35 tracks for a total of 113.75K per disk side. Undoes a LOCK, allowing overwriting or deleting of a file. The address and length can be either decimal or hexadecimal (proceeded by a '$'), and must range from 0 to 65535 (0..$FFFF hex). If specified from a random access file, the ',Rnum' jumps to the specified record number. Specifies that subsequent output shoud go to an already OPENed or APPENDed file. Download from Apple //c or IIc+, Enhanced //e, GS, 5.25", 3.5", or HD: ProDOS 8 v2.x. II Programmer's Reference. When delivered to Apple, it was at version 3.0, and after Apple was done with their last modifications, v3.1 was the first version shipped. [Basic programs only, not from command line.] Apple IIGS (ROM version 01 or 3), 3.5" disk or HD, 768K or more RAM: GS/OS version 5.0.4. Apple Some of these patches and features came at the expense of the INIT command. Not by any publically available methods to my knowledge. Most info should be correct-- I'd like to be notified of any problems noted in here. If specified from a random access file, the ',Rnum' jumps to the specified record number. If no pathname or drive/slot location is specified, the current prefix is returned. For more information on accessing text files from within Basic, please see the Applesoft Basic FAQ at [Copied from the comp.sys.apple2 FAQ section 7.2 at Basic, DOS 3.3, and ProDOS [ProDOS only] Writes any pending (i.e. Appends to a text file. If you are unable to find a local user group, one of the next best options is to contact Steve Cavanaugh (section 10.2), who is licensed to copy ProDOS 8 [runs on pretty much all Apple IIs with at least 64K of RAM], along with a 5.25" disk full of comm programs, etc. If a filename is specified, that file is closed; if no filename is specified, any and all open files are closed. Get the .bsc files from. This volume number is specified when formatted with INIT, defaulting to 254 if not specified. The third column, of three digit numbers, represents the file size on disk in number of 256-byte sectors used. ProDOS has no builtin disk formatting code; it was removed to make space. It supports up to 105 files per side, no directory support, with very loose rules on filenames. Where A is a letter, B is a letter or digit. They cannot contain commas, colons, but can contain control characters. The A shrunk 800K 3.5" disk with this version is at. If not, try 'CATALOG'-- if the 'CATALOG' fails, you have neither standard DOS 3.3 nor standard ProDOS loaded. Apple IIGS, 3.5" disk or HD, 512K or more RAM: ProDOS 16. {adrs} Examines the value contained in one location. Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.EDU It came out in 1985. With various bugfixes, DOS was at version 3.2.1 by 1979. (Return (control-M) is a pain to type, and thus usually out). Very old and slow. Apple IIGS (ROM version 01 or 3), 3.5" disk or HD (HD highly recommended), 1MB or more RAM: GS/OS version 6.0.1. Commands common to both DOS 3.x and ProDOS: In depth explanation of commands, optional params, Extended command line parameters for DOS 3.x commands, Extended command line parameters for ProDOS commands. Apple II Programmer's Reference Here's a brief list of Applesoft, Integer Basic, DOS 3.3, and ProDOS commands with descriptions.

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