thanks. So, with life and family overwhelming my bandwidth to dedicate to building my dream studio - which I was well on my way. The only things I'm still wondering on are if the Studio has digital gain control (for preamp matching purposes), and what Arturia's support for this product will be like, seeing that people have mentioned their hardware support to be pretty spotty. In theory, perfect for my workflow. • Audient iD44 • Arturia Audiofuse Number of preamps is not a big issue for me since I deal less with recording at the moment, and when I will I'll have to buy separate preamps anyway (for multi-tracking). wow, can you please tell me if you use mac or win and something about latency? I am almost debating returning it and trying an Antelope Discrete 4. I typically use a cloudlifter with my sm7b. 12 . A very useful feature for any studio or live musician. Arturia AudioFuse – $699.00. A single press will now switch on the unit, ready for another creative session. So far I'm reasonably happy with the experience, but I'm slightly frustrated at how the gain knobs work. Buy Arturia Audiofuse Studio Audio Interface: Audio Interfaces ... desde luego para mí es la mejor interface para un home studio. USB-C Desktop Audio Interface with +71dB Preamps and Bluetooth. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Hey there! Presonus Monitor Station V2. Prices for the Audient range start from around just £99 for the iD4, £159 for the iD14, £299 for the iD22 and £453 for the iD44. I have the ID22 and the quality is superb. Hey there! AudioFuse is the revolutionary pro audio interface that sets a new standard in sonic quality, creative production and value. AudioFuse Studio gives you 4 of our legendary Discrete Pro© preamps to track your music, and a superb analog signal path that will reveal every nuance of your audio. With the firmware 1.1 update, you can power down the AudioFuse with a long press on the (A) button on the top left. Hop Pole Stu­dios. For the 8 line inputs (Analog Rhythm) add a 2nd hand Adat converter box. For the 8 line inputs (Analog Rhythm) add a 2nd hand Adat converter box. Any further insight in to the Audiofuse? Arturia AudioFuse Studio. Totalmente recomendable para quien esté dispuesto a pagar su precio que, en mi opinión, es incluso barata para lo que ofrece. ... Audient iD44 - In Depth Review - The best desktop inter­face to date? Love it. If it’s possible to plug it to an interface, the Audiofuse has a port for it somewhere on its compact enclosure. Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is, Please help the original poster by using the. These extensive options make it highly versatile for studio use. USB 2.0 Audio Interface 24-Bit / 192 kHz, 18 Inputs and 20 outputs, 4 Mic / line inputs: XLR / TRS combo socket, 4 Line inputs: 6.3 mm TRS, Phono input: Cinch, Inputs: 1 - 4 … Available immediately. Odd. I've got two spare free hours, plug in and record, etc., Arturia announces availability of Audiofuse, Arturia introduces new AudioFuse range of audio interfaces. iD44 vs. Audiofuse Studio I recently picked up an iD44 to upgrade from my M-Audio C600. Mucho mejor que la Audient iD44, con eso digo todo. I'm looking at the Audiofuse Studio because of the unique feature set, but I'm concerned about latency because it's class compliant (no custom drivers) Can you give us an idea of what kind of round trip latency numbers you are experiencing with it? I sold a boatload of outboard (G Bus comp, LTL Silver Bullet, Apollo x16, patchbay, etc.) An Audient ID44 gives you 4 very high quality mic inputs and a great monitoring section. Best features of the Arturia AudioFuse is that it comes with a talkback microphone built-in. ... Arturia AudioFuse Studio Interface Tested - A Real-Life Session Test. Evaluating AD/DA loops by means of Audio Diffmaker, Arturia announces availability of Audiofuse, programmable A/B balance adjustable in 0.1dB steps (=> adjust for the same audio level when switching from spkrs A to B). Report abuse. £799. and I didn't want to wait for potentially 2 months, so I went with the studio and have been very happy with this piece of gear, plus it has inserts just like the behringer so I can easily include the noise gate from the DBX 286s as an external piece of gear. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. If you don't need the extra features offered by other manufacturers then I wouldn't look anywhere else, you won't be disappointed. with the aim of moving to a small, ready-to-go footprint that was all about workflow.

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