The Australian Sword Fern (Nephrolepis obliterata) is native to Australia and was introduced to the temperate parts of the United States almost 20 years ago. A little fertilizer once in a while will help your ferns keep up their green good … Jan. 20, 2021 It is a native of north-eastern Australia. Register today If mulched well and kept somewhat dryer, this fern will survive most winters in Austin, TX (Zone 8b). It’s durable and much more drought tolerant than other ferns - even forgiving a bit of minor neglect. Bird’s nest (Asplenium nidus) is an easy-care fern. If you have a bad infestation, you may need to throw out the houseplant so the scales don't spread to other houseplants. The Australian tree fern (Sphaeropteris cooperi) can give any indoor setting a tropical appearance. Performing best in warm climates and dappled sun, it makes an impressive statement in a large container on the patio or porch. 3. supports HTML5 video. Young plants have small fronds but quickly grow a large head, capable of spreading from 1 to 6 feet wide in one year. Versatile and adaptable, Kangaroo ferns are suitable for any indoor environment. Register today Short, spreading habit looks great planted in a low trough set in a bright, but … Its long, almost erect sword-shaped fronds never leave a mess. As it grows, it develops a trunk and a tree-like habit, becoming 10 feet tall and wide. Add this tropical fern to your garden or patio and enjoy its lush foliage all season long. Growing Edibles Indoors Australian tree ferns begin as fern-looking plants. Chop the root runners that hang over the side of the pot. Place your fern in an area that gets indirect light. Although the Australian tree fern can grow up to 20 feet tall in the landscape, planting it in a container will limit its growth and keep it at a more manageable size. Austral Gem tolerates most indoor conditions, including bright indirect light and even shady locations. With upright fronds that are unaffected by wind and rain, this elegant fern is perfect for outdoor planters. The waxy coating on the thick shiny dark green leaves prevents it from drying out and shedding leaves. Hardy to Zone 9a, the mature height is 36."  Register today This plant looks very attactive in your office, home or garden. From northwestern Australia, Kimberly Queen is a tall upright fern with narrow dark green fronds. Register today Birds Nest Fern: The Birds Nest Fern is a fast-growing fern that can be planted in all-purp… The Australian tree fern features an enlarged central rhizome that resembles a large tree trunk. This tree fern can easily grow 20 feet in height with a 15-foot spread. Kimberly Queen Fern, also known as Australian Sword Fern is tougher than other ferns, tolerating heat, high and low humidity, and even full sun as long as it gets plenty of water. Pick a spot in your home that doesn’t get a lot of … A spectacular crown of deep green fronds tops its trunk-like base, forming a lush canopy of rich green foliage. This fern is originated from the Eastern Continent. If you have a partially shaded corner of your home, you could also try growing this fern there as it can do well in some shade. But this beauty makes its biggest impression indoors. Houseplants - Tips for Success The selection of ferns below are plants that can be grown successfully - when the correct conditions and care is given. As suggested by the name, it is one of the large tree fern types growing 2-4 m (up to 14 feet) tall. A bit more information: Austral fern is known botanically as Asplenium x ‘Austral Gem’™. These ferns would be well suited to cooler parts of the house but won’t survive in rooms that are too well heated. Asparagus Fern.

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