shrimp, cooked pork, fresh Thai basil, spring roll wrappers, fresh mint and 4 more Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Spicy Sauce Kooking soy sauce, garlic, pork, black sesame oil, fresh ginger, rice noodles and 16 more These baked spring rolls taste as good as fried, and are packed with salmon, vegetables and lots of flavour. Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. These fried fish pies are crunchy, slightly sweet, spicy and oh so good! Baked Fish for Spring Rolls My brother and husband went fishing and caught 2 striper and 2 blue catfish. Baked mashed potato spring rolls combines the comforting flavours and textures of creamy mashed potatoes with a crisp crunchy layer of spring roll heaven. 3 large potatoes) African Fish Roll(Fish pie) -- a popular West African street food – specifically in Cameroon,Nigeria and Ghana that is made with some sort of shortcut pastry filled with sardines and spices. So I baked one for spring rolls and dip with fish sauce. ! 2 lbs. Nigerian Fish Rolls is a deep fried crispy Nigerian snack made with flour, margarine, eggs and baking powder, and then filled with mashed spiced fish. I love easy recipes and this is just one of my favorite Nigerian snacks; easy to prepare and simply delicious…here’s the recipe russet potatoes, peeled and cut into 1 inch pieces (approx.

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