Big Bud autoflower seeds Or growing big crops indoors throughout the year. Fast and discreet shipping. Mould resistant: fungi and bud rot mainly occur in autumn. A total winner for growing big crops in short summers. Short flowering time: the cycle of an autoflower (from seed to harvest) usually lasts 8 to 12 weeks which is a lot faster compared to a non-auto-flower. We combined the mythical genetics of the Northern Lights, the infamous Big Bud, and Ruderalis to produce this massive, resinous autoflower, complete with an invitingly fruity aroma. The lineage from Big Bud produces huge growth potential expressing fast vigour, especially in optimum conditions. cannabis seeds of this genetics merging has created a next era herb that outperforms its ancestors on many levels. Extremely high levels of THC of up to 22% as well as even higher yields. Contact us Close (UK) +44 800 520 0058 (EU) +34 900 423 356 (USA) +1 888 427 0772; LIGHT SCHEDULE FOR AUTOFLOWERING STRAINS. A regular, warm climate is all that is required for the outdoor growth of BIG BUD SEEDS. Big Bud strain comes with a superior pedigree among cannabis strains and is truly a legend among growers. This is detectable in the plant’s structure and yield, as well as its intense, relaxing high. Big Bud Autoflower fem cannabis seeds for sale. £59 or $76) NEW: You can now get Big Bud autoflowering seeds! Growth pattern of Big Bud Feminized Big Bud Feminized cannabis seeds are 85% indica. Get 10 Big Bud regular seeds for €25 (approx. Canuk Seeds is elated to announce the heavy yielding, extraordinarily potent Auto Northern Lights x Big Bud! The autoflowering characteristic of this strain means that it will automatically switch from the vegetation stage to the flowering stage. Many growers choose to keep their autoflowers on a light schedule of 18 hours on and 6 hours off during the entire growing cycle. Sensi Seeds took the original Big Bud (which dates back to the 1980s), and added Skunk #1 and Northern Lights into its genetic make-up. For big bud seeds that certainly won't disappoint check out our range from only the top breeders. Critical + 2.0 Autoflowering is the consequence of crossbreeding Critical + Autoflowering and Critical +. The size of the buds on this strain is so enormous, there would be enough to win the War on Drugs. Trustpilot . Big Bud Autoflower Seeds By SeedStockers. More frequent harvesting: in practice, a shorter cycle means that you can sow and harvest more often. Initially developed in the USA before being brought to Amsterdam in the 1980’s, this strain is a survivor of the “War on Drugs” that was prevalent in the US in the 80’s and 90’s. Big Bud Strain has been coined the strain of weed that was made to survive the War on Drugs, and that’s because of its incredibly high yields. Only top quality seeds in original packaging. Excellent customer service. Other cultivators choose to keep their lights on around the clock in hopes of … CALL US : 01934 807 173 (UK) / 1-720-316-6474 (USA) Advantages. As the name suggests, autoflowering strains don’t require a change in the light cycle to enter the flowering stage. £22 or $28) Get 10 Big Bud feminized seeds for €67.50 (approx. Big Bud Autoflower Seeds are another XXL automatic hybrid from Seedstockers collection. Get yours at the best price, price match guaranteed! Get up to 20% off your order.

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