Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). To enter, you’ll need to get a key from the vending machine just outside the office. Bioshock 2 had a pretty slow start, it only starts getting fun towards the middle. I'm pretty sure there were extra little sisters in the main game of Bioshock 2 but they were stomped out with updates. I have the DLC in my library just checked the properties of game in Steam. I have my game up to date (on the xbox 360) and still I am able to gain this extra little sister in minerva's den. One thing I do know: late-in-the-day BioShock 2 DLC Minerva’s Den got it right. You can already get to thr fun parts early. It’ll be on your right, in front of the Minerva’s Den sign. Share Followers 0. I thought however that the final twist scene in 2 was much better and that the Minervas Den final twist was a little predictable. Now I'm going to go through how to get this extra little sister. When i click Extra->Play DLC i can see Protector Trials and Minerva's Den there but clicking on does not make a thing. BioShock 2 ; Warehouse entry in Minerva's Den HELP!!!! By EeHh JuLiAn, September 1, 2010 in BioShock 2. [SOLVED] Finished Bioshock 2 and looking for playing the DLC. Being a short dlc means your character can already be pretty powerful at the start. BioShock 2 vs. Minerva's Den I have seen most people saying that they enjoyed Minervas Den way more and that they thought that the story was better. In minerva's den you get upgraded shotguns and drill dash early in the game. It benefits hugely from being essentially a standalone vignette, rather than trying to in anyway affect the fate of the larger BioShock universe (let alone universes), so there’s barely even a compulsion to wonder about loose ends or cosmic deus ex machinas. Seek out the tools you'll need to unlock new goals and spaces in the order you choose. The first is in the underwater area at the beginning of the DLC. Anyone still play Bioshock 2 multiplayer on PS3? Warehouse entry in Minerva's Den HELP!!!! Minerva's Den offers a brand-new, self-contained BioShock story, presenting a side of Rapture you've never seen before. Face Rapture's full range of opposition as you increase in power-- … Release Date: Oct 2, 2013.

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