This was the best experience buying fruit/nut trees that I've ever had, It came in quickly and I planted it immediately. Black Walnut Trees are self-fertile. However, you can plant your tree at any time of the year as long as your ground isn’t frozen. standing trees ,, black walnut , mulberry , kentucky coffee for sale you cut down on farm in kingsville ,, for inspection call 5197332451 make a offer all along a field lane do not email or respond to this only calls put add on for older fella tks These trees grow quickly to a large size and produce lots of nuts. Copyright © 2020 Arbor Day Foundation. Black Walnuts have twice the protein of English Walnuts. And let's not forget the nut. The wood of the black walnut tree is highly valued for carving and carpentry. These seedlings are available through the state nursery tree sales program. 9AM-6PM ET M-F. 9:30AM-6PM ET Sat & Sun. Fertilization: In order to give your walnut trees a boost give them some well balanced fertilizer like formula 10-10-10 twice a year. Practicality and aesthetics combine in the black walnut to make this species one of the most treasured trees in American history. These trees grow quickly to a large size and produce lots of nuts. The mulch won’t allow weeds to grow, and it will also help your soil retain moisture. Whether you love it more for the stunning wood or the delicious nuts, it is an upstanding tree. The Black Walnut tree (Juglans nigra) or “American Walnut” is a moderately growing, cold tolerant nut producing tree that is not only sought for it’s bountiful walnut harvest but also the dark, beautiful brown wood. With an abundant autumn harvest, a single tree can produce hundreds of nuts in just one season. Their nuts are difficult to crack but have a strong and unusual flavor. The tree yields a nut so rich and delicious, it can be enjoyed right out of the shell, baked in deserts or crushed and topped on your favorite ice cream. From which tree can you get furniture, shade, oil, and cookies… all made in the USA? The valuable dark brown wood is strong with a handsome grain. (855) 935-4692 They have both male and female flowers on a single tree. This Weekend Get Big Discounts up to 57% Off! My experience will be determined on how well it produces. Estimated Shipping Time: Most orders ship immediately. Black Walnut. This native tree has been called our best friend in times of war and peace. We offer several varieties of black walnut trees to choose from. So far so good, Was surprised when it arrive, good quality tree, so far so good. The female flowers open and wait for pollen to be spread from the male flowers, relying on natural pollinators like the wind and bees to make sure the pollen is spread from point A to point B. Seasonal Information: Generally it is best to plant your tree in the early fall, at least six weeks before the first frost in order to give the roots enough time to become established before winter sets in, or in the early spring six weeks after the final frost. You will want to prune any broken, damaged, or diseased branches. Allow the soil to dry out two inches below the surface before watering your trees. Weed Control: Prevent weeds from growing under the canopy by spreading 3 to 4 inch thick layer of mulch around the base. You will get fruit with only one plant. Black Walnuts have twice the protein of English Walnuts. Arrived in 2 days & packaged well. Native Americans and early settlers used it for food, dyes, ink, medicine, fence posts, gun stocks and furniture. If you plant during the summer simply make sure that your trees get enough water to balance the heat. The wood of the black walnut tree is highly valued for carving and carpentry. Your trees will be shipped at a suitable time for planting. Their nuts are difficult to crack but have a strong and unusual flavor. Also, account for your tree’s massive size. Black walnut is a valuable hardwood used in the production of ultra high-end furniture and cabinetry. The Black Walnut will give you all that and more. This being said pollination often has better chances if you have two or more trees for pollen to spread from. Bare-root trees are shipped without soil around their roots. The tree's nickname, 'American Walnut' is no fluke. A good shade tree, leaves turn a bright yellow color in autumn. However, adding an additional Black Walnut Tree will drastically increase the size of your crop. They came on time in the mail, I got 2 whips 2 feet tall. Our forefathers adorned their homes, crafted barns and built fences with wood made from the black walnut. This full sun loving, moderate grower produces an abundant harvest in the fall around September to October, simply shake the branches and be ready for a showering of delicious walnuts! Once your order is shipped, you'll receive an email with a tracking number. The valuable dark brown wood is strong with a handsome grain. Please note, replacements must be the same root type as the original items ordered. The Black Walnut is an excellent eating, native American tree, and the black walnut tree is extremely cold hardy with reliable nut production each year and suitable to grow in every State. Be sure to look at your tree and plan where to make your cuts. And the rich, flavorful nuts are enjoyed fresh and retain their flavor and texture during cooking. Because the roots are packed in soil, the trees don’t need to be dormant for shipping. There are 1091 black walnut tree for sale on Etsy, and they cost $22.00 on average. The leaflets, as large as some trees leaves, are dwarfed by the leaves themselves, which can grow up to a mammoth two feet long. Will update review once I see some action, but not holding my breath. Your input is very much appreciated. May self pollinate, but plant two or more to ensure proper pollination. the were bothered by the travel but I think they will enjoy their new home. Planting directions:1) Once you have picked the perfect planting location dig a hole that’s just as deep as the root ball on your tree and three times as wide.2) Take a pitch fork or shovel and scrape it along the sides of the hole to loosen the soil.

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