Relevance. Cup for cup, golden syrup is a great replacement for light or dark molasses. It offers a powerful rise and a heavy, coarse crumb in bread. Blackstrap molasses is bursting with vitamins and minerals. Low-Carb Brown Sugar Substitute Recipe. We do have grape, carob and date molasses for sale but I'm not sure whether I can stubstitute ordinary molasses with any of these. This resulted in consumers switching to white sugar and losing out on the benefits of blackstrap molasses. Lv 7. Golden Barrel Blackstrap Molasses is a good source of natural iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. No, blackstrap molasses should only be used in recipes that call for it by name. Answer Save. Molasses substitute ? I was trying to make gingerbread and the recipe contains molasses which I am not able to find in local stores. Blackstrap molasses is the most bitter of the three, and it’s not recommended in baking recipes or sweet dishes, but some cooks will use it in meat or barbecue recipes. Hi! Blackstrap molasses gives gingerbread cookies their signature taste. Few recipes call for the darkest version, called blackstrap molasses; its taste is bitter and mineral-rich when baked. Molasses is strongly hygroscopic, meaning it attracts and holds water. Blackstrap is rich in iron and calcium and generally the darker the molasses the greater the nutritional value but the most common types in baking are light or dark. Thanks in advance! Blackstrap molasses is a sweetener perhaps most commonly used by generations past, although if you’ve had gingerbread cookies, then you know the taste. According to Punch Drink, blackstrap molasses is what results when regular molasses is boiled down and super-concentrated, This results in bitter, salty sludge that only has a 45 percent sugar content, as opposed to the 70 percent sugar level found in both light and dark varieties of baking molasses. Instead, choose dark molasses for superior flavor. It can usually be found near the pancake syrups or corn syrups. It has an overpowering, bitter taste that’s likely to alter your recipe in ways you won’t be happy with. If you want a cooking alternative to molasses, try these… #8 Golden syrup. However, blackstrap molasses isn’t just for cookie making in grandma’s kitchen. Blackstrap molasses was the most commonly used sweetener until the 1880s, when the price of refined white sugar drastically dropped. 1 year ago. 7 Answers. denise. Used in baking as a sugar substitute and as a healthy supplement, blackstrap molasses is slightly more nutritious than other varieties and has an intense robust flavor and dark color. Molasses has about 65% of the sweetening power as white sugar. How Long is Molasses Good For? If you can’t find blackstrap molasses, feel free to substitute original molasses. In contrast, blackstrap molasses will be darker and more tart. Any thoughts? Spoon University warns against using blackstrap molasses as substitute for true molasses … For this recipe, simply mix the low-carb sugar substitute and blackstrap molasses in a mixing bowl with the back of a fork or a spoon until well combined.

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