I am SO happy to hear that Tania thank you!!!! Bombay Bakery Coffee Cake Recipe in English is an easy and traditional cooking recipe to prepare at home. Now add eggs one by one while beating continues, when incorporated well add flour, baking powder and coffee paste, and salt. I made this for her on mothers day Cake itself never needs refrigeration, it is the perishable filling that does in this cake, coffee buttercream hence it is important to protect the cake layer from exposure of air by keeping it covered and wrapped all the time. She found the recipe here, but it was originally posted here. I love love love this recipe and the resultant cake! Khadija that is absolutely awesome to hear!!! (This is a well-known industry fact Here are some tips to make the moist cake every time regardless of ingredients, method and recipe in general. That really is the BEST description! METHOD: In a bowl, add a cup of sugar and 2 cups butter and beat well. Starting from ingredients like yogurt, milk, buttermilk help in making cakes moist however cakes like these which have vanilla base are a little finickier than their chocolate counterparts. When it came down to it the only thing that I found made the cake any better was to halfway melt the butter. My mom simply loves coffee cakes This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cake itself is very straightforward to make and I have tried to infuse coffee flavor at difference levels, in the sponge itself, brushing the cake with coffee syrup and then of course the coffee buttercream filled and frosted the cake. Hey Sarah, Hope you like it 🙂. […] with a very specific palate, I sometimes get lazy in wanting to try new recipes. Is there a way I could add blueberries to this recipe? You can totally make it with half a cup of oil though - it'll still be good! Often people ask why is my cake too dry? Add milk and icing sugar in butter and beat really well. Hi Sarah, Add in one egg at a time mixing well after each addition. Pin it for later! I am SO sorry about missing this - yes you'd been to decrease the quantity for oil. I couldn’t find it in the receding steps. Absolutely! And she liked this recipe so much Aug 7, 2014 - 1:35PM Reply. Can I use this recipe with the exact measurements and make it into cupcakes? I tried baking the cake ... the sides were done but the centre was raw ☹️. Once cake layer(s) are cooled, wrap them in plastic wrap, and chill either on counter or in freezer for couple of hours before icing them. Combine the flour, baking powder and salt and set aside. And yes! And this recipe is so similar to it. Any thoughts if I want to replace butter with oil and should I reduce the quantity of butter? WE MAKE 100% EGGLESS CAKES FOR BIRTHDAYS AND ALL SPECIAL OCCASIONS WITH DECORATIVE TOYS AND EDIBLE IMAGES PLEASE ADVISE STAFF OF ANY ALLERGY. In a bowl cream butter and sugar till it becomes creamy and fluffy, don’t forget to scrape sides, it … The result is a cake that is moist and full bodied and just perfect with the creamy sweetness of the buttercream. It has bolder coffee flavour and nothing beats homemade fresh. This cake is reminiscent of that cake. Comment below and share your review! So it should be 3/4 cup melted but if you're in North America or the UK and using sticks of butter then that would be 1.5 stick of butter and then you just melt it and don't need to measure it! I get an itch every now and then to start playing with a recipe, to try and figure out if it can be improved. To make the cake, cream butter and sugar really well using an electric mixer or stand mixer.

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