I would get a second one too. Difference.Really brought out my Kick Drum and just gave it a killer Stereo sound. Hey, I am wondering if the Apex435b is a good mic to be used as an overhead mic for drums. 7 microphones in a set for less than $110! At their most basic level, a microphone (also called a “mic” or “mike”) is a transducer that converts sound into electrical energy. I have heard that they are really good for the price (only $70 each) and I am on a tight budget and need some overheads. In many cases, just one snare mic, one bass drum mic and a pair of overhead microphones will do. I own an SM58, an Audio-Technica dynamic mic (unsure of the model), a Behringer XM8500, and an AKG Perception 220. For achieving drum sounds on a budget, though, the C214s have to weigh in as the best all-round overhead mics. Really made a BIG!! This Guitar Center customer used the M5s for overhead drum mics and loved the results: I bought these for Overheads for my Drums.They were a perfect fit with the rest of my Mic setup. Budget SDC for drum overheads. Now, I’m sure you’ve seen cheap drum microphone sets (like the image below) that cost less than $110 a set. I am set to record an indie-rock band in the coming weeks, and my microphone collection is, at this point, pretty inadequate. They pack a legendary sound in with AKG’s sublime build quality. Whilst they are suitable for recording other instruments, they do excel in their overhead mic duties. Overhead microphones are used for capturing live recordings, picking up musical blends as well as the instrument sounds themselves. 5 Killer Tips for Recording Drums on a Budget. Matching those needs with a budget; What To Look For In Drum Overhead Mics. A Sweetwater customer noted:

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