Azor’s Gateway is an interesting new card from Rivals of Ixalan. I assume all of these are not there because they aren't as efficient as the alternatives currently in the deck, just wondering if they have ever been discussed before. I’d also think about adding 2 more Ramp cards, but that is less critical to the overall health of the deck. Azor’s Gateway is your best ramp spell, but Hour of Promise gets you the mana and board presence you need a little sooner. Empowered Autogenerator – this card is vastly too slow to be considered a true Ramp card. I like the familiar as it comes down early and disincentivize attackers, and then draw me card and Bolt someone later in the game. If you want a threat that can grow faster and do more important things, try Managorger Hydra or even Scute Mob. too unreliable? Cards like Authority of the Consuls and Kambal, Consul of Allocation constantly pad your life for things your opponents need to do, while Sanguine Bond and Crested Sunmare give your opponents more obvious threats to worry about over Azor's Gateway. Under normal circumstances that’s 6 mana for a 3/4 that dodges death one time - a 3/4 just isn’t fantastic. Scarecrone can get artifacts, from the graveyard, to the battlefield repeatedly. Privacy statement | Elemental/Servant are good to take out. I want to note I see a lot of ‘looting’ effects like the ones on Teferi, Master of Time or Obsessive Stitcher and while these cards are great for a graveyard strategy they still don’t count as card draw. by McToters, EDH Card-Draw Master List Discussion. A couple immediate alternatives come to mind for me; Geode Rager to force combat AND keep you safe, and Dream Trawler for a flying, hexproof, lifelinking, card drawing threat.  Flip or Deadbridge Chant or Mind Unbound, etc. With a whole bunch of Deserts in your deck, getting two Zombies and a couple extra lands is easy. Of the "big ham" artifacts you mentioned, Duplicant/Ancient Stone Idol are the only ones I like. “Am I out of options?” – If you can’t seem to find a solution to a problem or you’re ‘running out of steam’, then it is likely that you need more card draw and more ways to create ‘engines’ that accrue value. Barrin, Tolarian Archmage – drawing 1 card does not really count. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Just having those upsides alone though doesn’t make a card truly powerful.  Flip, Journeyer's Kite, Thaumatic Compass Azor’s Gateway will help you find what you need and let you discard excess removal spells in matchups and spots where you don’t need them, but you have to survive. 3-Azor's Gateway Discord Server | What has been your experience with Azor's Gateway? Additionally, you’ve got the beginnings of some nasty graveyard synergy shaping up, which looks really, really cool as a sort of plan B. If cards with five or more different converted mana costs are exiled with Azor's Gateway, you gain 5 life, untap Azor's Gateway, and transform it.----Transform----Sanctum of the Sun Legendary Land (Transforms from Azor's Gateway. Lathliss, Dragon Queen - Basically, you only have 3 other dragons in the deck so I would either exchange a bunch of cards for more dragons or cut Lathliss, since she will rarely be able to use her best ability (5/5 tokens). I would like to start by saying I'm not trying to say your deck is bad, just trying to give you a lot of ideas to go off of and pointing out things that don't really go with the theme of the deck, which is ramp super hard, drop a bunch of big threats, drop bosh and kill opponents. Darksteel Forge, Soul of New Phyrexia, or Eldrazi Monument so you're killing your artifacts only when you want to. Top Trading Card Games, Miniatures, Comics, plus Casual and Competitive Tournaments With that mana, you can start by casting Battle at the Bridge. The fact that you can’t attach Colossification and attack immediately means that your opponents will have a full turn to deal with it before you get a chance to use it (and keep in mind your Colossified creature needs to survive 3 opponents’ turns!). It is worth noting that cards like Blatant Thievery or Mythos of Illuna can save you in certain situations, but be wary of their crazy mana costs and the fact that they are not instant-speed answers. I don't love planar bridge as much, as high CMC artifacts are only good if they like dying ;D. The Forgemaster's cost to activate is a little too high for the pace of the deck, I tend to play/sac/play/sac/play, not play/play/play/sac/sac/sac. by Zaina. That being said, I’d like to make a few suggestions to help guide you toward a more consistent and powerful Golos deck. An Arch of Orazca gives you an additional way to use your excess mana. Ugin, the Ineffable or Foundry Inspector to reduce the casting cost of your artifacts without affecting the cmc. Your Threats look great and I think your Sweepers are also appropriate. You can start by Clicking here . With so many cheap removal spells and a few sweepers that can handle the small stuff, Doomfall becomes an exciting option. The cards you discard will be exiled, so you’re losing out on any potential sweet graveyard interactions. For 2 mana, you’re getting an artifact where you can effectively spend 1 mana and loot. Azor’s Gateway is your best ramp spell, but Hour of Promise gets you the mana and board presence you need a little sooner. The first thing I noticed when I saw Azor’s Gateway was that if you can transform it to Sanctum of the Sun in Commander, you’re probably killing your opponent on the spot. Azusa, Lost but Seeking - you don’t have enough land + card draw to really capitalize on Asuza’s ability. Thanks for taking the time to write that all out! Flavor: As soon as Jace laid eyes on the great sphinx's chamber, the shards of memory began sliding into place. I don't think Purphorous is quite on strategy enough to merit a spot, but Daretti is cool. Examples include Mythos of Nethroi, Beast Within, Price of Fame, Reality Shift, Terminate, Return to Nature, Putrefy, Utter End, Eat to Extinction, Murderous Rider, etc.

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