Cottage Cheese Pancakes are packed with protein and a family favorite -- they may just become your favorite pancake ever. Syrniki are best eaten immediately but they can keep in the fridge for one day. There has been a trend in children's cooking over the last few years which advocates hiding or disguising the foods our kids should be eating. Here is my prediction: this Cottage Cheese Pancake will soon be one of the most popular breakfasts of humankind. If you know me or weelicious, you know I am not a fan of tricking kids into eating their vegetables. Already low in fat and low carb (there's a bit from the flour), the pancakes can be dressed up in a healthy fashion with your favorite fruits, natural sweeteners such as honey or agave, or perhaps a good drizzle of maple syrup for a more traditional take. I know it’s a bold statement, but there are six strong indicators pointing to it. Plus the fiber from the oatmeal and the protein from the cottage cheese and egg will help to keep you feeling full and satisfied as the morning drags on. A breakfast of cottage cheese with ketchup and pepper might seem scandalous to some, but to President Nixon it was standard morning fare. If you want to top them with something red, I suggest strawberry syrup. Russian Cottage Cheese Pancakes are best served with sour cream along with honey, your favorite fruit jam and/or fresh fruits. The basic recipe just calls for three ingredients: Cottage cheese, eggs and oats and from start to finish you need a maximum of 12 minutes. Let me elaborate: First, it’s super simple to make. The ingredients are simple and packed with nutritional value too. The batter for these pancakes comes together in just a couple of minutes in a blender. The cottage cheese in these flapjacks adds nice texture and an old-fashioned flavor reminiscent of blintzes. So yummy! What Do I Serve With Cottage Cheese Pancakes. Adding the cheese to a simple batter not only adds flavor and a little texture, but also gives the pancakes a hefty dose of protein. Make sure to reheat them in a microwave right before serving.

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