How do you know when to go with the wider view? The radiating lines formed by the mossy branches help focus attention within the image frame. Lots of blurring indicates a flurry of motion. Experiment with different lighting and conditions. They also focus attention on the place where the lines converge, so make sure it is an area of importance within the composition. Like using optical illusions, this can draw viewers into an image by simply encouraging them to look closer. I’ve said it many times before- the photo can be of a great subject, but if the composition is off, then it will be just that- just another of the many photos floatign aroudn the world of a ‘great subject’ BUT, get the composition right, and the viewer is forced to recognize the artistry of the photographer ALONG WITH the beauty of the ‘great subject’. What’s your favorite creative nature photography secret? Golden hour light, right around the time the sun is rising or setting, is a beautiful, soft, When hashtags first started being used, I thought they were tacky and annoying. This can be a very powerful connection. You can, of course, use post-processing techniques to achieve the effects, too. Dana is a writer, photographer and educator with a diverse background and over 25 years of experience. Further interest is created by the repetition of shapes formed by the small cascades of water. Now located once again in the Texas Panhandle, Dana enjoys photographing nature and the night sky although his experience covers many fields. All I can see is a group of century old elephant legs with toe nails standing on the feet of a naked female even with a companions arm and hand reaching out for a last chance self saving effort. Luckily, using hashtags is a really simple and totally free way of doing just that. This is closely related to the previous tip, but worth a separate look. Chances are, however, that the problem isn’t with your skills, but more about your mindset. Image #2: Wide Angle Landscape with Shallow DOF, Sunset Beach, Mana Island, Fiji . Some of the best nature photos aren’t completely natural. Jumbled, chaotic compositions are effective if that’s how the scene should “feel”. Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition. Using hashtags is a simple and free way of doing just that. Others insist that this places the images in a different genre and refuse to follow suit. I used the small cascade as a foreground visual anchor, letting the stream act as a leading element, receding into the distance and pulling the viewer's eye along with it. Landscape photographers are always trying to get everything sharply in focus when shooting with wide angle lenses. It’s easy to become so caught up in capturing a nature subject that you forget about its surroundings. I used the rocks in the foreground to point to the arch, creating depth and encouraging the eye to travel into the scene. There’s also nothing quite so disappointing as coming home with nature photography shots that just don’t reflect the emotions we felt while we were there. If you want to depict it and its inhabitants accurately, you’ll need to be willing to occasionally let go of order. CNP (Creative Nature Photography) showcases unique and wonderful fine art and creative photographic works by its members. Look for interesting patterns created by the midday sun filtering through trees. People are naturally attracted to repeating shapes; you can use this to your advantage when composing a photograph. Looking to get your astrophotography out there to a wider audience? If you’re so inclined, you can purchase acrylic or glass spheres specifically for this purpose. For some of us, there’s nothing that can compare with spending a day, a week or a lifetime photographing the wonders of nature and the outdoors. Shadow Play. You can also use other transparent globes or other shapes. Some photographers push the altered reality theme even further by creating completely abstract images with subjects in nature. I had been waiting for the moment when the sea turtle surfaced for air, but what set this image apart from others I took that day was the triangle shape formed by the turtle's pose and position. This was one of the most visually chaotic places I have ever photographed. You can even work those bokeh effects to create a little bit of altered reality. Thanksgiving is that wonderful time of year when we count our blessings and get together with family. As a study in photographic composition, they’re exceptional. If you’ve read any beginner photography book or taken any courses, you’ve probably had the importance of the ‘golden hour’ drilled into you. Your email address will not be published. Robert Capa once said, “If your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough.” Although Capa was a combat photographer, there are times when these words apply to your nature shots. If the surroundings add context, include them. What makes a great photograph? I didn’t thing there was any good use for them, aside from annoying me. Wonderful examples of leading the viewers eye with key compositional elements, telling the story without distractions in the frame. If that happens to you more often than you’d like, you may be doubting your photographic skills. It’s not uncommon to fall into creative ruts in photography, so in this article I’m going to offer a few tips and suggestions for creating more engaging nature photos. But composition and creativity are two completely different things. Find the Best Camera for Nature Photos; 5. Composition—the artistic arrangement and placement of visual elements within the picture frame—is the most difficult aspect of the art of photography to master, and also the most important. When it comes to your mindset out there, however, consider looking for just the opposite. The eye of an animal may tell a story that can’t be seen from a distance. Creative Nature Photography Forum. These are some lovely images for sure but I don’t see what is “creative” about them. Although the importance of the emotion evoked by a photograph’s subject matter and mood cannot be underestimated, likewise the primal visual response evoked by a skillful composition cannot be ignored or forgotten. Which group is right probably isn’t important. If so, there are more than enough natural subjects with interesting shapes, textures, colors and contrast to keep you busy for years. Here, I was attracted to the radial pattern of lines formed by the dead tree and its shadow. Desert heat can’t be felt in in a image, but distortion caused by heat waves can indicate its presence. See the bigger picture before – or after you move in for the close shot. The cloud also helps to encourage the viewer to travel from left to right within the composition, whereas the owl's line of sight pushes the eye back to the left. The common theme you’ll notice in these tips is an emphasis on creativity, rather than technical expertise.

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