• Copying between a source such as DVD and a VCR is not usually possible, as DVDs are often encoded with copy-protection signals that prevent VCR recording. • Connect two surround back speakers. I have a PS4 plugged into a Denon amp, which is in turn plugged into a projector - all using HDMI. Back” is set to “2 spkrs”, “Speaker Config.” - “Center” is set to “Large” or “Small”, and sound mode is set to “IMAX DTS”, surround audio is output from the surround back speaker. • Copying is not … It seems this is a common issue from what I've seen on the net - lots of people with issues getting surround sound working correctly. I have a 4.0 speaker … O.k then if all the routing is done correctly as it appears and the power amp to surround back +wiring and speakers are working as confirmed earlier , in other words if everything is up to par then your denon … When “Speaker Config.” - “Surr. Copying from DVD to VCR is not possible. Audio is not output from the surround speaker… • Surround back speaker set to 1.

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