pretty cup. And I don't like token 'it's the thought that counts' gifts. Good morning.Cannot think at this time.but they were many. My most memorable would be the record player I received for my fifth birthday from my grandmother. For me it's good to give a present, than to receive, and other say it's better to give than to receive. If you need to flag this entry as abusive. Children have to be taught to say thank you and not I have one already or I don’t like it. With this information, we’ve put together a few tips to ensure that you give a gift the recipient will love! The choice of gifts, whether personal or professional, speaks of the relationship between giver and receiver. Yes, I do. So I will re-gift it unopened the next time I’m invited to someone’s house for dinner. Side note: although I have adopted a reduction-based lifestyle, I personally do enjoy giving and exchanging gifts. Not really. So we are out of the habit of giving each other gifts. By the way, Do you like to present gifts or you like to receive gifts?? Giving and Receiving: The Reasons and Occasions for Giving Gifts, Author and internationally known business consultant and keynote speaker, Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. That's okay! They put forth a lot of effort and enjoy the whole process of choosing (or making) a gift and giving it to you. I have had one neighbor tell me she is not constructing anything right now so she would like food...After a while, it's hard to check if someone is constructing something or not when you have a lot of neighbors. Charitable contributions—Some are expected as part of belonging to an organization. I would love to give gifts than to receive one. I prefer them to be specific, otherwise it's alright, just pass. I can relate and what's the most memorable gift you have ever received? Honestly? Hey all!!! Occasionally (depending on the situation) they may want it to be a special surprise saved for later, which is why it is good to ask. It might be easy to offer a … Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Why do we give gifts? Receiving an unfitting gift can make you feel misunderstood. When you receive a gift, really receive it; it is a sign of gratitude and respect to the giver. 2. Often people feel under-appreciated, so this may be a most welcome gesture. But I am a little hung up on getting them too. If I needed something, I would have gotten it for myself. As a child I was mostly excluded from receiving gifts because I didn’t live with my parents and supposedly my parents were the people responsible for giving gifts to me. As for me,I like both ...presenting gifts to my dear ones make me happy and on the other hand, even receiving gifts will make me happy , because it has lots of surprises , happy moments,etc... What's the most memorable present you have ever received?? Hello everyone, I was wondering what kind of gift people like to receive. “Now, it is a lot easier to order a gift online and send it. Part of HuffPost News. When we give, we’re in control in a certain way. what's the most memorable gift you have ever received? Picture credit: my camera. Special occasion—An expected gift when invited to a birthday, graduation, or holiday party (unless the invitation says “no gifts, please”). It brings me a lot of pleasure. More like experiences and less like things; Things people will actually use; Something only the recipient would love; A good gift from a secret Santa that didn't know you well would be: A homemade craft or home-baked goodie; A novelty office item or gag gift; A candle or box of chocolates; A small gift card to your favorite restaurant What are some of the reasons people give gifts? Picture credit: my camera. Definitely, I like to receive gifts such as birthday presents and Christmas gifts. By doing this, you save the person the awkwardness of not having a gift to give you in return. 6 thoughts on “ Do you like to give or receive gifts? what's the most memorable gift you have ever received? I live in a retirement community where everyone’s personal space is limited. Women, more than men, will respond to a compliment by minimizing it, saying I was just lucky; it’s really my team, etc. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The older I get, I get more excited about giving gifts rather than receiving gifts. I remember my mother receiving a box of dried fruits with someone else’s card—a re-gifting three times over! It's a very nice coffee mug. Both. I usually stay quiet, they do all the talking... - Shopping & Gifts Question Are there any memorable gifts that you still cherish it??? A very expensive gift may be unappreciated by someone who is struggling financially as it can make the recipient feel they have to respond in kind. Recently I have been asked to stay with a person who has Alzheimer’s to give the spouse some much-needed relief; I was happy to help out. That's really a nice feel! We all bemoan too much stuff, so a gift should be something that doesn't take up room and doesn’t last. There are people who have trouble accepting a gift or are embarrassed by a compliment, which can also be considered a gift. I just remembered when I was young, I was used to send friends something I made by myself, like making a postcard. I like to give, but I would not be angry if someone gave me something. Showing appreciation for any gift is part of a polite exchange. From my family? If invited out to a restaurant, no gift is necessary. Unexpected gift—Given for no special reason except to say I love you, I was thinking about you, I hope you are feeling better, in friendship, etc. Appreciation—Thanking someone for something that was said or done. The person who got you the gift wants to see how thrilled you are at receiving it. By the way, Do you like to present gifts or you like to receive gifts?? Allowing Yourself To Receive Gifts. As the saying goes, It's better to give than to receive. A guest just brought me a box of milk chocolates; I only like the dark kind. Atonement—Out of guilt or reparation for some wrong doing to that person; the gift says please, forgive me. I don't know if anyone knows me that well now. Why do we give gifts? I love giving more than I do receiving. Hard to choose the most memorable present, but I suppose it would be a car that my husband gave me for Christmas five years ago. Perfect for virtual fitness classes, ab work, stretching, and of course yoga, a yoga mat is a must. I’m pretty into giving gifts to friends because gifts can enhance the friendship between friends, although they will cost much, I still like sending gifts because I believe giving is much more pleasure than taking. Because: 1. They gain satisfaction when they find the right gift and that brings emotional happiness.” “If you do something positive, positive psychology says you attract positive,” Silvernail says. We were out looking around and I mention to her that I liked the shirt and she bought it for me. 5. A shirt my best friend bought me. The man loves cars. I have eaten the chocolates, the homemade breads and jams, the cookies; I have also received flowers that eventually wilt, candles that were burned, and books that I have read and passed on. As for me,I like both ...presenting gifts to my dear ones make me happy and on the other hand, even receiving gifts will make me happy , because it has lots of surprises , happy moments,etc... What's the most memorable present you have ever received?? People who give gifts generally do so because the act of giving makes them happy. ©2020 Verizon Media. I like giving more than receiving, but I also like receiving gifts. Your birthday!!! All rights reserved. I went online to further research my topic and was surprised to see how much information was available…from the kind of wrapping to use and its importance to international protocols to business gifts—appropriate and inappropriate ones depending on culture. In fact, receiving a gift with grace IS receiving the giver. It wasn't my birthday, or Christmas. If you’re like me, check out my post on minimalist and zero waste gift giving 101 to still be able to enjoy gift giving that falls in line with your values. This is a very delicate situation, walking the line between appreciation and possible embarrassment. “It is better to give than to receive,” or so the saying goes. One of the most important gifts one can give is the gift of one’s time, such as offering to babysit so that new parents can enjoy an evening off or walking the dog when the owner is too sick to do so. ” purpleslob says: December 16, 2019 at 3:28 am I agree with you on so many points! I love giving gifts, The better the fit, the better I like it. What to Do When You Unexpectedly Receive a Christmas Gift from Someone Who Agreed Not to Give You a Present. When someone surprises you with a gift, even though the two of you had agreed not to exchange them, accept it graciously. There are people who have trouble accepting a gift or are embarrassed by a compliment, which can also be considered a gift.

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