Mix pudding and milk until thick. Be sure to cover it well so it does not dry it. Easy Pistachio Cake - The Best Cake Recipes {Cakes for All … Well except for the time he brought one to me, it was in the back of her vehicle and the top layer slid completely off almost … She was apologizing, but absolutely no need … would’ve eaten & enjoyed it just as much in any state. Tagged With: picnic, pistachio, pudding, sheet cake, whipped frosting February 23, 2019 Filed Under: Sheet Cakes. 1. package yellow cake mix. https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/240601/real-pistachio-cupcakes Thanks for sharing your kind words! Most people who have eaten our cake have never eaten pistachios and LOVE this pudding cake! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Because this cake has a whipped frosting, you’ll want to store it in the refrigerator. Adjust the mixer to medium-high speed, and … All Rights Reserved. Not to mention being beautiful. Store the cake covered in the refrigerator. Your email address will not be published. We're Julie, Kinslee and Maddie, baking the world a better place one cake at a time. Funny how family traditions vary. Mix all cake ingredients in a large mixing bowl on high speed for about two minutes. Easy and delicious! After milling around the dessert table for a while pieces of Pistachio Pudding Cake started disappearing. I observed the dessert table and the chocolate desserts went first. For the holidays I used Canada Dry Blackberry ginger ale. Both the Orange Cake and this Pistachio Cake are cool summer desserts that go great with BBQ! Cake mix and pudding are the base to this Easy Pistachio Cake recipe. Otherwise, it … We really enjoy these flavors and hope you do too! The basics like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Delight. Since there are is a higher percentage of almonds than pistachios in the pudding the almonds are providing the majority of the nutty flavor. 1 1 ⁄ 4. cups water. I laughed at how hesitant the extended family was to try this cake, but I learned that many of them had never had pistachio before. 2019 is our first year without Grandma and Grandpa so the family gatherings are changing as life does. It took a second trip to the dessert table for people to get more adventurous and try this recipe, but when they did they LOVED it! Mix all cake ingredients in a large mixing bowl on high speed for about two minutes We would love this cake! Your email address will not be published. So now I am going to get her recipe and compare it with this one, the only thing that she always does is just completely cover it with chopped pistachios! We had our first big family reunion in my husband’s family and I brought three desserts. Add all of the cake ingredients into a large bowl. I was happy to find your recipe for Easy Pistachio Pudding Cake and the taste was just what I had remembered. Required fields are marked *. Fold in whipped topping, Remove cake from the oven and cover with a piece of plastic wrap to help hold in moisture while the cake cools, Let the cake cool before applying frosting or the whipped topping with melt, Store this cake in the refrigerator to preserve the whipped topping, Almonds would make a great accent for the cake it desired, The cake tastes great without any fresh pistachios, I just sprinkled some on top for looks. Combine cake mix, flour, pudding mix, eggs, club soda, oil, and nuts in a large mixer bowl. Filed Under: Desserts, Easy Recipes, Food & Recipes Tagged With: 9x13 easy cake, box mix cake, cake, cake from box mix, easy cake. What is Dream Whip? Pistachios are one of our favorites!! They set an example of deep faith that they took the time and effort to show at home and share with their children. Copyright ©2020, The Best Cake Recipes {Cakes for All Occasions}. The creamy, lightly sweetened dream whip frosting is cool and refreshing, an ideal picnic cake! In a medium bowl, combine dry cake mix with dry instant pistachio pudding. I have so much respect for how this family gets along. 4. eggs. Blend and then beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. This post may contain affiliate links. They had ten kids, countless grandkids and even some great grandkids. It’s always such a joy to get to be a part of their family gatherings and to be cared about so deeply. Beat on low for 1 minute, or until blended. Sometimes people use soda to replace eggs or oil, but this recipe still calls for both which means you end up with a really moist cake! Allow the cake to cool on a wire rack. As I said I haven’t gotten her recipe, but this sounds just like what she makes, and you putting the extra pudding in the cake I’m sure is what makes it so moist. It is great for summer because it is cold and not overly sweet. Soda helps make the cake moist and tender. His grandparents lived to be in their 90s at home on their own. Dream Whip is a dry powder that you mix with milk and vanilla to make a whipped topping. June 22, 2019 by Jennifer @ Plowing Through Life 6 Comments. Cake mix and pudding are the base to this Easy Pistachio Cake recipe. !..ever since then, she’s asked what I want for birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day whatever … I always say nothing except a pistachio cake. One aunt shared that she is part of a card club and they like to make unique recipes to enjoy while playing cards. INGREDIENTS. Made this as a special Thanksgiving desert and it was a hit. My husband has a wonderful family. With my many moves I couldn’t find the recipe which promoted the new pistachio pudding. The pudding has a really subtle fresh flavor that is slightly nutty.

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