Makes 8 Egg Rolls. Perfect game day snack or appetizer! Shell the shrimp and chop them into bite size pieces. Cover and cook for several minutes. Change things up on the classic egg roll in a bowl, by adding shrimp and simplifying this easy recipe even more. This recipe includes video instructions on how to roll egg roll wrappers. These Easy Shrimp Egg Rolls are the best homemade appetizer that can be served baked or fried. It will finish cooking in the egg roll. Bang Bang Shrimp Egg Rolls are filled with delicious shrimp, slaw, and the super popular Bang Bang sauce! It will look translucent. Fold the left corner in toward the center and then the right corner toward the center. The perfect, healthy meal for busy weeknights, meal prep, or … Add the oil to a saute pan and add the shrimp. Click Here for the Printable Recipe. These are perfect to make ahead and freeze for later! With football season in full swing, making creative delicious appetizers is a MUST! Remove from pan and set aside. Tightly It should now look like an envelope. Cook quickly until the shrimp starts to turn pink. Easy Shrimp Egg Roll Recipe. Add the water to the pan and add the cabbage. These Bang Bang Shrimp Egg Rolls take the popular Bang Bang Shrimp recipe to the next level!

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