many cities. Something that is abstract exists only in the mind, while something that is concrete can be interacted with in a physical way. In summary, Abstract nouns represent ideas or concepts that are not tangible. The Difference between Concrete Nouns and Abstract Nouns. A concrete noun is anything we can perceive with one or more of the five senses (taste, touch, see, hear or smell). For example, in the sentence “This is my book”, the noun book can be seen and touched to recognize. Here are some examples of abstract and concrete nouns in the same sentence. My friendship (abstract noun) with my father (concrete noun) grew as I matured as a person. Concrete nouns that are uncountable don't have plural forms. Examples of concrete nouns. Examples: a city. Qualities, relationships, theories, conditions, and states of being are some examples of the types of things abstract nouns define. Abstract nouns and concrete nouns are usually defined in terms of one another. Examples of concrete noun in a sentence, how to use it. He demonstrated his love (abstract noun) with a passionate kiss (concrete noun). 29 examples: The prose in it, heavy and awkward, clomps along, rarely quickened by an active… His success (abstract noun) is seen in the money (concrete noun) he as accumulated. The concrete noun in this example is pizza. Today, my friend and the teacher put us in separate rows. The nouns that you can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste are concrete nouns, and those that you cannot are abstract nouns. Examples: sugar. Example: The sight of sunset was an absolute joy. Define concrete noun: the definition of concrete noun is a tangible noun that can be perceived by the five senses. salt. They are physical and tangible. Concrete Noun is a noun that refers to the name of such objects or substances that can be identified through our senses. These five sense organs are tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smell. 5 examples of noun sentences in english Here are Types of Nouns List Concrete Nouns Concrete nouns are objects, people and places that we can perceive and live with our five sense organs. Concrete nouns are divided into two: concrete nouns and proper nouns. General examples of concrete nouns include; mother, teacher, desk, chair, pen. So we can use any of the five senses (sight, taste, touch, smell, or hearing) and experience Concrete Nouns. Types of Abstract Nouns. Concrete nouns are tangible such as people, places or objects. In this case, it can be smelled, and it was described as having a delicious aroma.

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