Thanks so much for your nice words and don’t worry about arguing. The Arabic خبر means a piece of news, so you can think of the predicate as delivering news about the subject. – الولد يلعبُ الكرةَ  = The boy is playing football. It may be an adjective (happy), verb (woke up), or noun (student). B) Verbal Sentence (Jomlah fi’liyyah) جملة فعلية. The subject is highlighted in red below, the … Try some daily "refresh". I don’t think so. فيصل, hi (Note that the Predicate here is the same in number and gender as its subject.). But the خبر مفرد of the first sentence “بقرة – a cow” is a feminine noun! Example: الــلَّــهُ رَبّــُنـا (Allah is our lord) In the below example رَبُّ is subject. Mubtada generally comes at the beginning of the sentence while khabar comes at the second part of the sentence. Let’s see your example. e.g. The خبر of the second sentence is a verbal sentence and its pronoun agrees indeed in gender and number with the مبتدأ. There are 13 to choose from in Transparent Language Online! Subject of a Sentence: The subject is the main part of a sentence. © Copyright - 2018 Learning Arabic Language Free, Examples of Subject and Predicate in Arabic | with exercise & answer, Describing your Mother in Arabic Language, Mudaf - Mudaf ilaihi - Durusul lughah vol 1 lesson 5, Interrogative particles & Interrogative pronoun in Arabic - With Examples, 13 Patterns of Broken Plurals in Arabic with Examples, Short Story in Arabic with English Translation - My School, Number: Singular, Dual, Plural Noun in Arabic, Short Story about Family in Arabic with English translation., Have trouble remembering the vocabulary you've studied? For example; The cat ran. Simply, the predicate is the whole sentence that follows. – الرجلانِ شاركا فى الحرب = The two men participated in the war. if the verb of the sentence is ‘to be’ in English, this verb is not given in Arabic. This sort of clever work and reporting! However, all Arabic grammar books say that the singular predicate must agree with the Mubtada. Instead, it is implied and understood from the context. – المرأة رجل متنكر. The answer would be الطفلُ يبكى حزناً. There are more details here, but the subject is still related to the “dog”. The subject is in bold, and the predicate is underlined. This is one of the Predicate cases. Simply, there are more than one type of predicate for a nominal sentence. This sentence of the Khabar has two types: A) Nominal Sentence (Jomlah Ismiyah)جملة اسمية, It is that sentence that starts with a noun and a pronoun that refers back to the first subject (the Mubtada). Let’s take an example of a sentence, “Advik is playing.”. – السعادةُ تنبعُ من الداخلِ = Happiness arises from the inside. I hope it is clear now. The Predicate Can be a Verbal Sentence. e.g. I think your sentence ” The animal is a cow الحيوان بقرة ” should be “The Cow is an animal البقرةُ حيوان ” and here the predicate is a collective noun that can refer to a masculine or feminine . You are very welcome , Salam Are you saying that it is a verbal sentence?? /Mubtada’/ is the subject of the sentence i.e., it represents a person or thing which is described in a sentence and the /Khabar/ is the description or the explanation of the /Mubtada’/ e.g., when it is said Muhammad is standing then “Muhammad” is the subject and "is standing" describes his condition and is the predicate. فيصل, Jazakoum Allahou khairan for the valuable information. non. Therefore Muhammad is acted as mubtada' and smart is acted as khabar. When the nominal sentence is about being, i.e. The Khabar can by itself be a sentence. Nominal sentences have 2 parts: a subject (مبتدأ) and a predicate (خبر). Please help clarify See what's available for……. – كتابُك فى الحقيبةِ = Your book is in the bag. The cat is the subject of the sentence. We are all here to help and to learn from each other. سلام © 2020 Transparent Language, Inc. All Rights Reserved., Teaching French to teens? In this example, the subject is “cat” and the verb is “ran”. Best – الكتابُ صديقٌ = The book is a friend. This Verbal sentence tells us more about the Mubtadaa, so it is its predicate even though the verb has an implicit subject that refers back to the Mubtadaa. سلام This predicate starting with a verb is called a Verbal Sentence Khabar (predicate). Because the sentence says something about that cat and tells that the cat is running. العلمُ نور. (Note that the sentence of the predicate must contain a pronoun that must agree with the Mubtada in gender and number). @test2 Actually, we are all learning together and helping each other . So, المرأة رجل متنكر = The woman turned to be a man. The Khabar can be any of the following types: The Khabar can be a singualr noun which means that it is not a sentence nor a semi-sentence; e.g. Actually when someone doesn’t understand then its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it occurs. Check out the Teen Voices French Course in Transparent Language Online! Consider the first 3 examples below where … You know Fisal, when I was a pupil, I learned that a nominal sentence is the one that STARTS with a noun, even if it has a verb within. Salam. The subject is a hidden pronoun (هــو). – الحيوان يسمى بقرة. because – if we take your example – we would ask: Who is crying in sadness? How would you explain the nominal sentence, The woman is a man in disguise. – المصريون يصنعون التاريخ  – The Egyptians are making history. Yes, exactly , Thank you FAISAL you have helped a lot I would be happy if you say “thank you”, Create custom language learning activities for listening, speaking, reading, and writing in a couple of clicks. The rabbit ran after the dog. Similar is the case with Arabic sentences. Thus it seems to me that in case of a خبر مفرد the gender of the predicate may be different fron the gender of the subject. Or are you saying that it’s a verbal sentence since the subject pronoun is implicit? This can be confusing to some learners who speak European languages and are used to having a verb in each sentence. You undoubtedly put a brand new spin on a subject thats been wrote about for years. the predicate here is a verbal sentence (the verb is assumed or understood and deleted and its subject is the word رجل ) . Everyone loves what you guys are up too. Thanks for the examples. This verbal sentence khabar can’t stand by itself as a meaningful sentence. Rather, it is just a part of the predicate.

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