Trying to find a diagram with accurate measurements. No matter the quality of your guitar or guitar type and brand, this Fender locking tuner is ideal for you to use. Screw on the tuner holes, and a nice, stick and a and tune. Locking versions of the classic oval knob, stamped housing tuners found on vintage Fender ® guitars. Learn more about Fender electric basses. However, with locking tuners, go past the note and tune down to pitch. Reason why i do is the fender locking tuners instructions pegs the page is too much easier job of the work great. Locking tuners are great - string through, stretch so the string is tight, lock. About This Item. Measuring 10.4 ounces, the Fender locking tuners is one of the most popular choices in the market. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Genuine Fender Parts: Set of six locking tuners designed to fit most modern-style Fender electric guitars with dual-pin mounting configuration. Takes 2-3 seconds per string. I filled the holes in the Cort. Install Your Sperzel Tuners * please note that instead of a 25/32 hole it should be a 25/64 or 10 mm hole in the headstock. Drill bit for the fender locking tuners are quicker imo. If you have a guitar with an improperly fitted tuner, the locking tuner from Fender is what you need to lock your strings in place. Here they are: I understand the 1st string (small E string) tuner has a hole at 1:00, the second string a hole at 2:00, etc. Around the tuner you want to pitch, that you for string angle at the uploaded. Tall post tuners are used for the wound strings and shorter post tuners are used for the plain strings. Finally, wipe the strings, neck and bridge with a lint-free cloth after playing. FEATURES: Sperzel Drill Fixture with # 36 drill: This is an anodize aluminum drill fixture for precise mounting of our tuning keys. I've just read Fender instructions to install strings on locking tuners and I'm not sure I understand them correctly. For 6-in-line pegheads.. 6-in-line locking tuners that are the perfect upgrade for old or new Fenders with "Kluson-style" tuners — they're a direct retrofit! When transporting or storing your guitar, even for short periods, avoid leaving it anyplace you wouldn't feel comfortable yourself. Would these be the same as the Fender ones? Thank you. Here's how I do my strats (all of 'em have locking tuners) From the Fender owners manual: Locking tuning keys- Picture the headcap of the neck as the face of a clock, with the top being 12:00 and the nut being 6:00. Sperzel Drill Fixture. Done. Musiclily Pro 6 inline Guitar Locking Tuners String Tuning Pegs Machines Heads Set for Fender Stratocaster Telecaster Electric Guitar Parts,Chrome 4.6 out of 5 stars 386 # 1 Best Seller in Electric Guitar Tuning Keys Had the 2-pin holes for tuners so bought some used Fender satin chrome locking tuners and the pins were the correct distance apart from each other, but, the distance out from the shaft was different. Staggered tuners increase the break angle over the nut and improve tuning stability. If you wind string around the locking tuner you will cause tuning instability due to the extra string wound around the peg and it short circuits the reason why locking tuners hold tuning well. But am I to insert the string in the top hole or the bottom hole of each tuner?

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