. . . The Ford Digital Code Reader is a diagnostic tool that is specially designed to connect to the vehicle's test Connector(s) to communicate with the vehicle's computer. . . . . . . $79.00. P = Powertrain. . . . KEY ON ENGINE RUNNING (KOER) SELF TEST (MCU SYSTEMS) . This is a highly sophisticated system that uses more special programs to enhance the computer's capability to monitor, detect and report failures, especially to the vehicle's emission system. . BUILT IN MEMORY: … OVERVIEW OF FORD CODE RETRIEVAL PROCESS . . . . . . . . . ��T�+��H�B_�*����W�b�$��n��k��ձ�;�Y�\p�d��! . This made it possible for vehicle manufacturers to comply with the new, tougher emission and fuel efficiency standards mandated by State and Federal Governments. . . . Free shipping. Keep this in mind when servicing Fault Codes, and do not replace any devices (sensors or actuators) before checking the complete circuit (or circuits) that are part of the device from which the code was generated. . If you fail to perform a test, or you perform a test out of sequence, you might miss a problem that is only detected during that particular test procedure. The second step in troubleshooting the problem is retrieving the engine fault code. Starting in 1996, all Ford vehicles (cars and light trucks) sold in the US are equipped with the EEC-V system. Easy to View Digital Display: Eliminates the need to count flashes by showing numeric trouble codes on-screen. . •To retrieve Diagnostic Trouble Codes from MCU systems proceed to page 66. CFI = Central Fuel Injection; DOHC = Dual, Overhead Cam; EFI = Electronic Fuel Injection; FBC = Feedback Carburetor; HSC =, High Swirl Combustion; MFI = Multiport Fuel Injection; OHC = Overhead Cam; SC =, Super Charged; SEFI = Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection; SFI = Sequential Fuel, TRUCKS/VANS - Ford Computer System Code Reader. WARNING. {�f���U������I�WI;��ͼe*�ѧ�o{͹�b������}&*Z���k�4;Ξ� . If a fault is detected by the “Continuous Memory” Self Test, a fault code is saved in the vehicle's computer memory for later retrieval. 1.Code Reader Connector - Connects to the vehicle's sixpin Test Connector (the six-pin test connector is used on both MCU and ECC-IV systems). . . . . . Ford OBD1 Systems CODE RETRIEVAL PROCEDURES - OVERVIEW - KOEO TEST fault code will be stored in memory as a history DTC. . . . . 0000000628 00000 n . INTRODUCTION . For the MCU System (most vehicles built between 19811983) connect the Code Reader to the six pin female connector only. With Code Reader off, connect to the vehicle's test connectors (see page 18 for test connector location). f.Spark plugs and wires - check for damaged, loose, disconnected or missing spark plug wires. . Software Included. . . . . This code is sent to the Code Reader during the Self Test procedure. . Always consult the vehicle's service manual for more detailed testing instructions. . . . "FLASHING" SQUARE Icon: This icon flashes when the Code Reader receives Diagnostic Trouble Codes from the vehicle's computer. . In addition to storing Diagnostic Trouble Codes for detected problems, most Ford computer systems are also designed to perform special Self Tests in real time, and to send the test results to the Code Reader as twoor threedigit Diagnostic Trouble Codes. . . . . . ERASING CODES FROM EEC-IV SYSTEMS . Power Source. . Make a thorough check before starting any test procedure. TEST CONNECTORS . . . . .. . TEST CONNECTOR(S) . (EEC-IV SYSTEMS) . It is a big relieve as … . If any defects are present in any part of the circuit that connects these devices to the computer (such as defective connectors or wires, faulty grounds, improper voltage, shorts etc. . . . . Cylinder identification is only displayed when performing a KOER Self Test. . . . . . Mercedes Diagnostic Code Reader Tool OBD1 W124, W126, W140, R129 E320 1988-1995. . . 2 x AA Batteries. and a vehicle repair manual containing Ford’s Diagnostic Trouble Code Service Procedures for your vehicle will be needed. . . . . . . . . . $129.99 $ 129. . Table of Contents. . HOW DOES A COMPUTER SYSTEM WORK ON A VEHICLE, AND WHAT IS IT’S MAIN PURPOSE? You can also provide this information to your mechanic to assist in diagnosis and help avoid costly and unnecessary repairs. . **VIN Number. The VIN number(s) used in this column identify the vehicle’s engine type. 1.large, six pin female connector with molded housing. These types of codes are usually called "Hard Codes". . . . AUTOPHIX OBD2 Scanner Code Reader for Ford Lincoin Mercury,7150 Full Systems Diagnostic Scanner Tool with Engine ABS SRS SAS BMS EPB TPMS Transmission DPF Regen Oil Reset for Ford All Car After 1991. . . . . . . The vehicle's computer keeps these Fault Codes in its memory for a specific period of time (40 Warm Up cycles* for most fault Codes, 80 Warm up cycles for others) even if the problems that caused these codes to be set in the first place are no longer present. Was: C $209.42. . and follow all of the manual’s recommendations and procedures. •followed by the second group called "Continuous Memory Codes". . . . . Page 21 4) If any codes remain, refer to vehicle service manual for Continuous Memory code troubleshooting charts Do this Part if “Continuous Memory” and repair procedures. If so, then you need the Innova 3145 code reader. . . Loose clothing can get caught on the fan, pulleys, belts, etc. By switching from mechanical engine controls to electronic engine controls, vehicle manufacturers were able to control fuel delivery and spark timing as well as other engine functions (some newer Computer Control Systems also control transmission, brakes, charging, body and suspension systems) more precisely. . SAFETY PRECAUTIONS . SKU # 273350. . . 2.It records and saves Fault Codes for "Intermittent Problems" (not applicable to MCU systems). . . . If you choose to fix the problem yourself. . . . Both the large and small connectors must be connected. . ■When the code reader is put in test mode it signals the vehicle's computer to start performing the SelfTest. . . . •In addition to storing Diagnostic Trouble Codes for detected problems, most Ford computer systems are also designed to perform special Self Tests in real time, and to send the test results to the Code Reader as twoor threedigit Diagnostic Trouble Codes. A Diagnostic Trouble Code is generated that pertains to that particular circuit or system. . . . . Carburetor model numbers are usually stamped on top of the, carbure-tor, or on a metal tab attached to the carburetor. c.Ford Diagnostic Trouble Codes are composed of twoor three-digit numbers. Harbor Freight Tools Cons: No printed owners manual with zr8 code reader. . After about ten tries it finally started and I went on my … Safely and easily access on-board computer to read engine codes and perform self-test functions on most Ford, Lincoln, Mercury vehicles (domestic cars & trucks) from 1982 to 1995. . Please read your vehicle's service manual for proper connection of vacuum hoses, electrical wiring and wiring harness connectors.

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