Fontina makes fabulous mac and cheese . Cheese is a good source of calcium, a key nutrient for healthy bones and teeth, blood clotting, wound healing, and maintaining normal blood pressure.. Men … Why it works: Tempranillo and Idiazabal are a great example of the old adage “if it grows together, it goes together.” Both are Spanish, and both have savory, smoky flavors that match together perfectly. This semi-firm goats milk cheese from Catalan has become really popular, and with good reason; it has a round, robust flavor profile and is less acidic than many other goat cheeses. The … The Spruce / Jennifer Meier. When serving rosé with cheese, you need to look for cheese that will pair well with the bracing acidity and subtle berry flavors that are typical of dry rosé. "But it's actually dictated by a combination of composition and mechanical properties of the 01 of 05. Stir some marjoram into your baked macaroni and cheese recipe. Shutterstock. Garotxa (Spanish Goat). Extra tangy and extra creamy we love goat cheese. Try melting it into a classic stovetop cheese sauce for a macaroni and cheese that can go straight to your plate, or into the oven for a bronzed crunch. Goat Cheese. Get adventurous and try your own pairings or try some of these favorites. basil image by Renata Osinska from Start your experimentation small, making grilled cheese sandwiches with a tiny bit of dill. These five types of cheese are a good place to start. Wine and cheese is a ubiquitous cocktail hour pairing, but not every cheese goes well with every wine. Thyme, dill, or chives are a go-to herb for pretty much every cheese, so you are unlikely to go wrong if you have one of these three on hand and you suddenly need to whip up a smashingly delicious cheese and herb pairing. Either way you go, this cheese will melt into a fine ooze and should be paired with some smoked bacon, and perhaps sautéed onions or apples, and thyme. Serve buffalo mozzarella cheese in a classic dish with tomato and basil. Basil and Oregano . You can even go crazy and make brie mac and cheese right inside your wheel of brie! 9. Goat Cheese. 6. Some spices blend so well with cheese that they can be found in cheese.

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