He gives neat tutorials that will provide much enlightenment. Grandia II So I'm currently playing through Grandia II on Steam and wanted to know what levels do the Skill Slots unlock at, Ryudo and Crew all currently have 3 slots each and are all level 25 (except Mareg who is 26), I have googled my hardest and simply cannot find any information on what level slots 4 5 and 6 unlock at, is anyone here able to help me? The young Justin (ジャスティン) is the main protagonist of the Grandia story. Grandia 2 Wiki Guide. For Grandia on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Confused on how unlocking new skills work". Boss/Character/Skill FAQ (PS2) by Tricky v.1.0 | 2002 | 48KB Game Script by SCotteret v.0.2 | 2001 | 136KB Game Script (PS2) by bizob66 2005 | 366KB I'm getting really damn frustrated with this so please, can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? He is an adventurous young boy who sets out to be an adventurer as his father and grandfather were before him. I'm clicking on them in my items menu and nothing happens. Grandia 2 Wiki Guide. I go to the equip skill menu and nothing happens. I have 2 skill books so far, but I have no idea how to learn and/or equip these skills. If you are confused about it, read the manual or look for the guy with a hat in General Stores. Top Contributors: IGN ... and magical intrigue in the role-playing sequel Grandia II. How you encounter enemies is important. He is the childhood friend of Sue and always adventures with her and Puffy around their hometown of Parm. Grandia II has a very interesting turn-based/real-time battle system. I'm having a really hard time trying to figure out how to learn and equip skills.

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