I used this on a new bridge on a ‘55 Gibson LG-3. The little cylinders are a great idea but getting them in place without disturbing the other ones or having ones fall off is tough. If your guitar still sounds noticeably out of tune even after you’ve tuned the open strings, the intonation is off—that is, the instrument is out of tune with itself. The Ibanez Edge tremolo is a double locking tremolo bridge developed and manufactured by Gotoh for Ibanez. You’ll only need a few basic tools to do the job: a screwdriver, flat- or cross-head, depending on your guitar; the necessary tools to set string height, such as an Allen key; and a sensitive guitar tuner, preferably a strobe tuner if you have one. The good news is that it will help you intonate your acoustic and it does that pretty well. Don't get me wrong: the intonator is a the tool if you want perfect intonation on your guitar. However, on rounded-over (sloped) bridges, the brass tuning wheels come dangerously close to the top. [yes, my tool has been wounded and repaired, whatever works to get the job done ;)] The tool allows you to pull on the saddle against tension or to let it slide forward under control, either making minor or major adjustments. The effect is startling for those who have never heard it before, and especially for those who have never heard a 12-stg. The tools we will need Screwdriver Tuner String Height Gauge (optional) Allen keys (optional) NO MORE HOURS OF DETUNING – make intonation changes below string rigidity Thank you for inventing it! If you’re going to continue working on your guitar, they’ll be invaluable to you – you may want to check out the guitar repair tools article too. If you move your guitar around while you're playing, you might be tempted to check it in different positions. This issue shows how to locate and cut the saddle slot for an acoustic bridge. The large adjustment screw is MUCH easier to work with than one of those 'The Key' tools for non GOTOH Floyd Rose bridges. The allen wrench on the intonation screw. However, on rounded-over (sloped) bridges, the brass tuning wheels come dangerously close to the top. Easy way to get accurate intonation! The Intonator finds the correct locations for acoustic flattop guitar bridge saddle placement. Worked very well. Similarly, if you owned electric guitar then this tool kit also uses as best maintenance pack. FREE Shipping with StewMAX is now available! It a worthwhileaddition to a serious toolbox. Gb bg. Don't make a new nut just to fix a low slot—fill it! Works perfect & there's no risk of dropping this contraption & any of the loose pieces on a new finish. Required Lutherie Tools. Been "eye-ballin'" this thingy for quite a while, and finally 'pulled the trigger' on it. It's not perfect, but if you're worth the name "Luthier", you should have no problem making someextra parts and minor modifications to make the job go easier on specific guitars. Best Guitar Tuners for Intonation Last Updated: October 26, 2020 Leave a Comment For musicians, whether they choose to play an electrical, bass, or acoustic instruments, a tuner pedal is a must-have device. Black Friday Sale! Didn’t have much trouble getting it on. Able to use and correct problems with older guitar intonation, very helpful tool to have in the shop. This effect is often slight rather than dramatic, but even slight intonation imbalances are noticeable enough to be annoying and demand adjustment. This tool will decrease what I refer to as the "SWEAT FACTOR"! Its also makes pick-up placing for a better sounding tunes and more smoothness in playing. What a pleasure it is to play a guitar that is so “in tune” with itself. Peterson VSS-C StroboStomp Classic Tuner. It also has a tendency to rise above the bridge pins so I had to turn some square topped ones to seat it against. Thanks guys - another winning combination that has simplified my life and cut the pucker factor in my guitar building efforts! The bad news is that you need 4 hands to help get it in place and setup....what a chore! I used the intonator on a couple new builds but was frustrated that it seemed geared for a 2 1/8" string spacing at the saddle, which is simply too narrow for the finger-style guitars I build - the bridge pins simply wouldn't allow for more than 4 of the tools L-shaped arms at a time without half of them being at odd angles. Guitars pull on the strings differently depending on how the instrument is oriented. With this you can adding or fine-tuning the height of cords on the bridge for maintain the string action and intonation. Also just ordered your Bridge Plate Saver tool for this same instrument. Ibanez EJK EJK1000 Intonation Adjuster is a very solidly built tool, totally worth the expense. We use cookies on our website to make sure you get the best experience. Fender's most popular pick shape in different materials. Tools you will need: A highly accurate tuner, like the Peterson VSS-C StroboStomp Classic Pedal Strobe Tuner with a large display to make it easier to see as you are working. "Close" is for hand grenades and horse shoes - not for musical instruments! Floyd Rose Intonation Tool FINALLY A TOOL THAT WORKS - machined from aircraft quality aluminum and fitted with stainless steel hardware WORKS ON MULTIPLE STYLES OF FLOYD ROSE TREMS - original FR, FR special & FR EVH NO MORE HOURS OF DETUNING - make intonation … It does work but we fell out a few times and I'm not sure I've forgiven it yet! The intonator works great on all regular Martin-type bridges.

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