Pages: 321-335. Religion has an enormous influence on society and its institutions. It is far too important to ignore. Culture plays a role in forming a child's identity, conversational style and memory. Factors such as living conditions, life span, medical services, the prison system, homelessness, food production, military and education are all, to a major extent, a reflection of the ethics and morals of the dominant religion. In terms of belief and certain practices, it is unequivocally believed that religion has done more good in the lives of people by making them jettison some fetish lifestyle which was stylishly affecting their health. I am not a religious person. I just think religion has nothing to do with survival. Religion shaped colonial society in a number of significant ways. Most intelligent people can see that its global importance has increased in recent decades. This sounds rubbish, but if you go into details of most religions, they have been misused in the past and are being even now.But we will see those details in the article problems with religion. Religion can affect more than a particular person's habits. Religion is one of the effective tools used by people to dominate society. Published online: 24 Jan 2020. Answer: Religion has immensely shaped the cultural landacape. Further, religions can be used to dominate countries. I don't need religion to know God. Anat Feldman. This varied from colony to colony, so it is important to look at different regions in turn. I think religion is mankind's way of siphoning things from people and making them suffer.' These beliefs and practices can influence an entire community, nation, or region. Since religion is a dominant and highly influential factor in most cultures a good place to start a religion comparison is to study the condition of the country. This has many implications for how to deal with children, from school to the judicial system. Academic Education and Religion: A Comparison of Religious Motifs among Students in a Secular Academic College in Israel. My mom took me to church when I was a kid, and I believe in God, but I don't believe in religion.

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