My family has a tiny fridge, we only keep what really NEEDS to be kept cold in it, so the margarine is usually out on the counter for days at a time until there's space. Margarine, especially soft tub margarines, can separate into oil or water and solids when not kept refrigerated although it will be safe. Then, when the power goes out, you can put those bottles in your fridge for extra cooling. If foods are held above 40 … Because butter and margarine can go rancid, leave out only what you would use within 24 hours. With that mindset, I’ve always stored it in my fridge and taken out just a serving or two to soften if we are having something like toast that requires it to be spreadable. Pat B. Lv 7. Store butter out of the fridge only if the room temperature stays below 70–77°F (21–25°C). Any questions? Whether it’s OK to leave butter out at room temperature or not is a hotly debated issue. A refrigerator will keep food safe for up to four hours during an outage when the door is kept closed as much as possible. Dijon and horseradish-based mustards should stay in the fridge, but because yellow mustard doesn't have ingredients that spoil, it can stay out, though it may lose flavor, according to the outlet. 7 years ago. As long as it’s done right, leaving butter out at room temperature is also just as safe as leaving it in the fridge. ANY oil or fat can become rancid if left out over time. The Meat and Poultry Hotline can be reached at 888-MPHotline or 888-674-6854. Regular ice packs work well too, she says. Leaving out opened bottles of ketchup has been a question of debate, but it can be kept out of the fridge … If kept in a sealed container, you can keep your butter at room temperature for two weeks. It stays fine, just isn't as firm as when you first buy it. This post originally appeared on Gizmodo in August 2014. I grew up thinking never to do this — that it would most definitely go bad. There are plenty of butter dishes specifically designed to … ️ Try to keep the fridge door closed as much as possible . I keep butter, the margarine my daughter likes, and oils in the fridge or freezer depending on how long it will be before using them. Time: Varies, around two to 12 hours Leaving cheese out overnight can affect quality, but isn't typically dangerous or a safety risk, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board says. Past the printed date, unopened regular butter can last for at least a month in the refrigerator and for six to nine months in the freezer. Opened regular butter can last up to two weeks in the refrigerator. It can also separate and curdle. I never use margarine but it can become rancid if left out too long. If the room is warmer, store butter or margarine in the refrigerator, or you might find them melting. 0 0.

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