And now here’s the other adjective we want to learn: I love the taste of borscht. Speaking formally to her, say…. Thanks again So, in this lesson…you guessed it…we'll be talking about adjectives in Russian! So, what is salo? So, imagine you’re sitting at the table with some Russian co-workers. Ask them, formally…, Imagine your mother-in-law cooked pizza. No? I was using the feminine form. When it comes to declension, Russian adjectives are divided in four groups: ... How to say "bye" in Russian - Examples and audio; How to say good night in Russian; 066. Of course, since pizza changes to “pizzu”, the word vasha has to change to vashu, to rhyme with it. I’ll then reduce the size of the audio app to the minimum and locate it in the upper right corner of the screen. Just listen to the native speaker audio and then use the microphone icon to record yourself. Imagine someone is showing you an apartment they think you might want to rent. Visit our website and master Russian! Okay, with the last two podcasts I feel like I’ve gone from ‘little boy Russian’ to ‘big boy Russian.’ They’ll take a little more effort, at least for me, but will be worth it. Blog Contact Us Log In; Home > Words that start with A > adjective > English to Russian translation. Also your method is excellent. Adjectives are the words you use to describe things. Tip: Your free trial account details will be sent to your inbox. Russian Translation. Russian adjectives are a bit different from adjectives in English as they generally match the gender and number of the noun they're describing. I tell them, “Nothing really. Here are a few recommended Russian lessons to try next! And now, here’s your Tip of the Day from Russian Made Easy…. So let’s start by repeating these two words: Pretend you’re at work. Did you know that in the Russian language there is such a grammatical category as possessive adjectives? Required fields are marked *. Categories: General, Linguistics If you want to know how to say adjective in Russian, you will find the translation here. Use of the long form of Russian adjectives; WE NEED THE SUPPORT OF READERS LIKE YOU! How about describing them in Russian по-русски (pa-roosski)? Reinforce your learning from this lesson with the Rocket Reinforcement activities! Each is a very kraseevaya woman. Here’s the first one…. Russian Translation. And they eat it in big, thick chunks. So listen and repeat: It’s a neuter word. Thanks so much! All of the exercises involve men, and even if there’s a woman, she’s almost always someone’s wife or girlfriend. How do you say that she is beautiful, or the pancakes were delicious? If that doesn’t address the issue let me know. First i download the audio file and open it with an audio app ( VLC or Groove on windows). Adjectives in Russian are typically listed in dictionaries by their masculine singular nominative forms. A co-worker emerges from the meeting room, holding someone’s cellphone. How to Say Adjective in Russian. More Russian words for mean. Each is a very, I love the taste of borscht. Alright. With the word galstuk, you’re somewhere in the middle. And yet it doesn’t bother you much when you encounter the word in some newspaper article, does it? Ok, then…Do you think it’s the word for “plasma TV”? Russian Adjectives 1-10. And as I mentioned at the end of the last podcast, it’s a must-know word if you ever travel to Russia or Ukraine. How to Say Adjective in Russian. There are 2 types of possessive adjectives: The first type is formed from proper names and the nouns denoting people. Listen and repeat: So, ochin is the Russian word for “very”. He approaches his boss and asks: Later, you’re standing in the company parking lot. Thanks for writing. At the end, you’ll learn how to say “I am (adjective).” Below, you’ll see the English, then the Russian (Cyrillic) and the romanization (so you can read it and pronounce it). - Wanting to book accommodation in Russian. The only way i could accomplish this is by doing it on my phone, as it allows me to go to the exercises and listen at the same time. V.O. Here's a list of translations. They are what make language colorful! Please comment or share with one of the buttons below. Let's get started on adjectives in Russian! That’s what we’ll be working on today. We’re not 100% sure what it is, but we know a whole lot more than “absolutely nothing” about the word. But now, years later I’ve forgotten most of what I learnt. I was having a little trouble and want to listen to the exercises and follow along in a transcript. So try saying: The difference between the feminine version and the neuter version of that adjective is very subtle. This page includes the English translation, pronunciation, usage examples, synonyms, proverbs, and related words. So, what is salo? Adjectives are the words you use to describe things. Let’s learn two new words. How to say possessive adjective in Russian. What’s left is salo. I actually learnt Russian at school (high school in England) for six years. That was a lot of new stuff we learned. Let's take a look at these different factors and how they impact how fast you learn Russian. And let’s add one very useful word. Russian adjectives (introduction) 068. So, speaking politely, ask your Russian father-in-law: Offering him your computer, ask: Do you need the internet? As you step into the company break-room to make coffee, ask your boss: On a sidenote: The sport of baseball is a cognate in Russian. I have a question. I’m having a lot of fun since I ‘m learning Russian AND practicing my American English…. You can buy anything at the mall. Open the lesson in a browser window We’ll start today by following up on the formal forms we learned last time. I think it’s such a, The point of today’s tip is this: Grasping the meaning of a word is NOT an all or nothing thing. Do you see? And we’ll also discover another one of the biggest mistakes that language learners make. It should be better if the player were moving along the text, maybe put in a lateral box or in a frame, so it would be easier to use it.

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