Whether you’re exploring the countryside, wandering through a city, or even just out in your garden, you can always find amazing natural subjects to photograph. Your goal should be to create the impression that you haven’t adjusted anything at all…. This is a fantastic time of year to photograph the beautiful warm colors, and the light can be amazing at this time of year. Moving subjects such as birds, butterflies, or any animal that’s on the move, can be very difficult to photograph. The most interesting subjects are often found on the ground. Close up photography can take a little practice, but you can do it. And of course, frost and snow makes all of nature appear beautifully delicate. Many times I will photograph the same location, tree or twig in different seasons, and the photos are always different each time. Your hands will never be as steady as the ground beneath your feet. ©2019 Student Conservation Association. So I waited until the sun was setting, and snapped this shot when the sun was just in the right position. Nature wants to dazzle you with its mind-blowing magnificence right now! In this situation, always use Burst Mode in the hope that at least one of the shots will have the subject in focus. Final Tips for Editing Instagram Photos on Your Phone. In VSCO, try minor adjustments to contrast, brightness, and sharpness before applying filters. But trees without leaves make great subjects, especially if you capture their bare branches silhouetted against the sky. This rule states that your subject should be placed off-center, rather than in the middle of the frame. Think About Light. How to Launch and Use the iPhone Camera. As well as creating depth, they also make your images more interesting and provide a focal point, especially when photographing faraway mountains or other landscape features. A beautiful light blue sky with white fluffy clouds makes the perfect background for this flower. 2. VSCO Cam can be used on iPhone & Android. By Stan Horaczek. I have a state park nearby with a walking trail that is a constant inspiration for many of my photos. Only use adjustments that will enhance the image. Smartphone cameras get better each year, and we've put together a series of photography tips on how to use your phone to take professional photos that your business can use for marketing and more. SCA is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Make sure your subject is in focus by tapping it on the screen before you shoot. Here in the Heartland, we have an abundance of beautiful natural scenes from Missouri’s Ozarks to the plains of western Kansas. The standard apps are pretty good on most smartphones, but there are others to try out. The rule of thumb with motion blur is that the brighter the ambient light, the faster the camera’s shutter speed will be. My children are always excited when they see something they’ve found outside for me to photograph. Hold the Phone With Both Hands to Keep it Steady . By shooting from a low angle I’ve managed to isolate my subject as well as showing it from a perspective that you wouldn’t normally see. If the camera won’t focus, you’re probably a bit too close to the subject so pull the iPhone back a little and try again. By shooting directly up at this branch, and then exposing for the sky, I’ve created a lovely silhouette while the light highlights the ice clinging to the branches. © iPS Media LLC. Shooting from a very low angle is a great way of showing your subject from a perspective that you wouldn’t normally see. A great way of getting around this problem is to shoot from a very low angle so that the sky becomes the background behind your subject. Since the camera is taking several shots one after the other, you’ll need to keep your iPhone very still when using HDR.

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