Such a quick and healthy recipe, i love baking and keep experimenting different recipes. Now mix the dry and wet ingredients together by stirring gently. You may also love Make these sweet fresh juices that have ZERO sugar, Baking Basics – All you need to know as a first time baker and Finally I Learnt To Make Paper Thin Dosa – Restaurant Style With Homemade Batter, “I’m taking my blog to the next level with Blogchatter’s My Friend Alexa”. “But jaggery also gives the cookies a distinctive chew. Incase the jaggery is sticky, which often happens during winter months, I avoid using it. Change ). Because jaggery‘s primary flavor is sweetness with a caramel/toffee undertone, brown sugar can stand in for it effectively. He will be head over heels, just like mine were. I love jaggery, a caramely, salty unrefined sugar used in both sweet and savory dishes across South Asia and the diaspora. In a stand mixer, beat together ghee, sugar, vanilla, and salt on medium speed until fluffy and light. I was there 3 years back. I agree jaggery is an healthy alternative. This is almost how I make my cookies & I agree with your tip about working with jaggery to make cookies. Ah, cant wait to know! I have never tried my hands on baking but the whole idea of baking at home with such healthy ingredients make me want to try baking. Plus being whole wheat flour based, this is healthy too. This was far too much sugar: The cookies spread and came out brittle and dark. Jaggery imparted a “molasses-y and earthy saltiness” to caramelized white chocolate and toasted milk cookies, … Baking with jaggery is something new for me. It is same in color as jaggery and is healthier than many types of sugar. This variation means that it is very difficult to … Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This really looks tempting. Subscribe and be the first one to read best travel tips & lifestyle stories! Learn how your comment data is processed. Seems such a healthy and delicious dessert :D. Wow…this recipe is super tempting. And because the chunks of jaggery in the dough were far from uniform, they didn’t fully incorporate into the dough, melting haphazardly and leaving gooey, lace-like shards along the tops and edges of each cookie. Looks yummy . My shortbread is a mash-up of Scottish shortbread and nankhatai, a biscuit popular in parts of the subcontinent that’s often referred to as “South Asian shortbread” and served as an accompaniment to chai. ( Log Out /  A few years ago, I got a block of tamarind pulp and it had been sitting in my pantry unused... until last week, when I busted it open and decided to give it a taste test. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. For a diabetic like me who also has a sweet tooth whole wheat banana & jaggery chocolate chip cookies seems to be an ideal dish. The end result looks tempting. Powdered jaggery was far easier to measure and cream, and it melted more uniformly. Mix the whole wheat flour, baking soda, salt, cinnamon and milk powder as stated in. Thanks for the tip too. Is egg mandatory? It’s a pantry staple, used widely in cooking. There are many nankhatai varietals, but all are made with flour (all-purpose white, wheat or, in many cases, semolina); butter or ghee (clarified butter); spices such as cardamom or nutmeg or saffron; and sugar (from granulated white to confectioners to jaggery). So, I learnt baking and I learnt baking with whole wheat and natural sugar substitutes so that the cakes and cookies remain healthy. Will try this next time when we bake cookies. With whole wheat and jaggery, they sure are a healthy combo and seem a fun snack for kids. It was an interesting combination, but the sweet and sour combo of the tamarind and honey played well together. Shall try this one the next time. As jaggery is more readily available at home, I often use jaggery instead of brown sugar. (As an optional step prior to refrigerating, spread a layer of demerara sugar on a piece of wax paper, then roll the log in sugar until completely coated.).

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