I topped with almond and walnuts. So good!! Well, I did some more researching, and what I found was only to sub one or two eggs with applesauce. Great recipe! I made these for a Father’s Day gathering and they were they best. Maybe both! Thank you! I’m determined to keep trying the same recipe over and over because they taste amazing!!! Pure. Hi! WOW!! I used the 1/2 cup butter 1/2 cup apple sauce variation with dark chocolate chips Omg sooo good!!! !these brownies are delicious. : Key to My Community 2; Atlantic Canada Challenge, Meeting 23 - It's All About the Spud: Key to the Arts 6; Key to My Community 2; Atlantic Canada Challenge, Meeting 24 - 1.24 Acadian Canadians: Key to the Arts 1, 3, 7; Key to My Community 2; Atlantic Canada Challenge, Meeting 25 - Girls' choice meeting (all games), Meeting 26 - Tim Hortons' Community Clean-up / Pitch-in week / Earth Day service project: Key to the Living World 4; Key to My Community 1, Meeting 27 - Camping Skills Part 1: Key to Camping 2, Meeting 28 - Camping Skills Part 2: Key to Camping 1, 2, 3, 4, Brownie Tenting Camp: BC Girl Guides Slice of Spring Camping Challenge; Key to Camping, Meeting 29 - All About Art: All About Art interest badge - Part 1, Meeting 30 - Art Gallery Field Trip & Public Art Hunt: Key to My Community 7; All About Art interest badge - Part 2, Meeting 31 - Bridging Meeting with a local Guide unit: Key to Girl Guides 1, 4, Meeting 32 - Which Way? ?? I want to make my own gluten free blend. However, in the actual recipe that can be printed out it says the baking time is 35-40 minutes. Other is in the freezer. These are amazing!! Moist, soft, and full of chocolate. Meeting 35 - Almost Goodbye: Key to Girl Guides 5, 6, Brownie Aquarium Trip: Saving Our Plants and Animals interest badge; Key to the Living World Special Interest Badge, Meeting 36 - Advancement: Key to Girl Guides 5. I would like to do mini brownie bites (1×1 inch) and Individual (2×2 inch). I made these brownies last night and they were absolutely delicious! Will the crust on top not crisp and not fudgy anymore? I like them done, just chewy instead of the airiness these ones had. Amazing recipe!! Hope that helps answer your question. I was certain I would be throwing out the entire batch. The middle shelf cooks them a lot faster, slightly burns them on the top and dries them out a little. I have a few concerns, my pan size is 8×8 so how long do I bake it for? My flat butt and shrunken boobs thank you and my husband is appreciative as well. I am a little hesitant on using 4 eggs though. But they seemed to turn out ok—probably less fattening now! These brownies are fabulous! They will turn out great! It’s not fluid-like at all. Iv tried this recipe 3 times now and I’m struggling to achieve the shiny crackle at the top! I apologize for the confusion! I make it with pecans and 70% cocoa chocolate chunks and get so many compliments. Maybe 1.5 times the recipe? I am not sure what other flour you have but you can substitute any plain flour for that if that helps. Did I do something wrong? I had a glass 8″ x 12″ pan that I used for this, but unfortunately I broke it. So I ended up taking everything, dumping it back in the pan, and added two tsp of baking powder and 1/2 tap baking soda, and put them back in the oven for 30 minutes. HI Karina! I’m not so fussy that I would consider them less than perfect because of how they look, if they taste as good as they smell I don’t really care! Do you have a diabetic-friendly version of this? What a recipe in explanation and even better when prepared. This will definitely be my go to brownie recipe! I tried these today first time making brownies and they came out amazing! Feel free to weigh yours and report back. The only issue was that the base, especially in the centre was not done enough to hold, so it collapsed when you tried to hold it. This recipe is truly decadent. OMGSH. I’ve done them in an 8×12 pan, 9×13 (my favorite) and just yesterday I did them in a mini muffin tin! Kids devoured and hubby said they’re the best brownies he’s ever had. I apologize it was not perfect for you! Thank you! I wrote up the difference of three pan sizes in the post. We have already fallen in love with 6 of your recipes and this one is the cherry on top! ? Hey…..I do not consume egg…..any egg replacer suggestions plz. Very best recipe. I’d like to know to, coz I only have 8×8 silicone pan… please? Have you tried to add a shot of espresso? My second batch is in the oven right now (this time I added shredded coconut and butterscotch chips instead of chocolate ones). However I live in England and have to keep looking up the cup equivalents in grams for the recipe ingredients. I do like my brownies cooked just a little more tho. Made it for my son’s birthday with some coarsely crushed Oreos mixed into the batter with cream cheese Oreo frosting. I cannot say enough on how tasty they were. Good Luck! Such a flavorful, gooey, rich, decadent brownie. They are just sooo cute, too! Thanks. Please try not to over bake them. These are by the far the best brownies I’ve ever had…. I added pecan and dark chocolate chips on top (inside was diarymilk). I’m always looking for recipes that I can translate to gluten free. Yummy, thanks for the share! I’m so surprised that the long baking in the stupid oven failed to even spoil the fudge in it. What I did taste was DELISH! Also, this was the first time I made brownies from scratch, so I am super impressed. Best Regards This will be my favorite one from now on. The brownies in the center seemed almost…underdone. Margarine or oil? Best tasting brownies. I added Caramilk pieces through out as well. 32 Items Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice Plain or embellished, moist and chocolatey recipes. Your email address will not be published. Do you recommend dutch proccessed cocoa powder or natural for this recipe? xo. Thanks so much for following along with me! Apple sauce is normally only used as a substitute for butter or oil in baking. . And beat butter, sugar and eggs in really well with a whisk. Thank you so much for sharing with me! Becky. They were thick , fudgey and wonderful! I am glad that you can contest that these brownies are the very best;)! We also like salty sweet things so I add light dusting of flaked kosher salt on top right before baking!! Fudgy and delicious. Made them tonight and the top looks different. If only the internet would design smell-er-net. So fudge like, absolutely delicious. The right amount of chewy and moist. It will accentuate the chocolate flavor. This has become my go-to recipe for brownies! I first tasted this fantastic brownie when I stopped at a lemonade stand and bought one. Another question – slamming the pan, to create the crackle – when I bake cakes, I slam the pan, BEFORE I put it in the oven, to help it “settle”.

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