All TW3 ProWedge™ products are built in our . Just get a box made out of 3/4" (or at least 5/8") wood thats is solid and the right size and you will be fine. Subwoofer RMS 300W, Peak 600W. Email for more details. JL Audio CLS110RG-W7 JL Audio 10W7 in prowedge box. Very excellent condition still have original Box with it. NO DAMAGE TO OR ON IT AT ALL. By … MO. one jl w7 with 1000/1 JL audio, or 2 JL w6 with 1000/1 amp. FREE DIGITAL 2FD … Amplifier RMS 350W, Peak 1000W. Great condition, works 100%, not pushed at all with 200 watts only. both in JL audio boxes, prowedge box . Miramar, Florida factory from CNC-cut MDF and are finished in high-grade automotive carpet. Everything is in great shape and works perfectly. 2 JL W6v2 prowedge box vs 1 jl w7 JL box? FOR SALE - Los Angeles, CA - $999 when new. You could always get a jigsaw and some wood and see what you can do, this is DIY mobile audio after all I highly recommend them over 1 W7. 120db at 20hz and at 63hz 130db!!! An embroidered “JL Audio - … Silver Member. I'm selling my JL Audio 10W3v2 subwoofer (4 ohms) and sealed JL ProWedge box with a Boston Acoustics GT-22 amplifier (and including a little wire to connect the two). 316 Posts #21 • Apr 11, 2008. mayhem13 said: Ok for the sake of the argument i modeled the JL in 120L with 2 PR's 4.6hz 15" 1050 grams and the output is stunning at 2500 watts. Username: Suleman36 Post Number: 819 Registered: Feb-05: Posted on Saturday, April 23, 2005 - 23:13 GMT . JL makes some pretty cool vented enclosure, but a well constructed sealed box is simple. I own 2 JL 12w6v2's in the prowedge box. Two JL Audio W6v2D4 subwoofers in a professional grade box. Super-tough polymer grilles are installed, providing outstanding protection from loose cargo, and a very clean appearance. which one would be better? I had this setup in my 2G DSM and it was … Bid on ebay. TWO JL AUDIO W6v2D4 PROWEDGE BOX WITH GRILLS COVERS (VERY HIGH POWER) $1,000.00 Enclosure (Box with subs) JL Audio: 01/02/2012 : SEALED AT AND BY THE JL AUDIO STORE VERY HIGH QUALITY. The dimensions of the subwoofer box are: L 16", W 17.5", H 16".

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