Although he had no experience with photography and was one-handed due to his amputation, he was given a camera. Malgré cela, on ne trouve pas trace de lui dans le dictionnaire encyclopédique Larousse des photographes. Born in Bohemia (part of today’s Czech Republic), Sudek was originally apprenticed to a bookbinder and it was his sister who was to become the photographer. Josef Sudek was a Czech photographer best known for his elegiac black-and-white images of Prague, interiors, still lifes, and the landscapes of Bohemian forests. Sudek was originally a bookbinder. Josef Sudek est à ce jour, le plus célèbre des photographes Tchécoslovaques. Josef Sudek. I nearly titled this post: Influences #1: Josef Sudek. View Josef Sudek’s 1,957 artworks on artnet. Josef Sudek Le Monde à ma fenêtre. Son père, Václav est peintre et décorateur en bâtiment I had already been making still lifes of ordinary domestic objects, and views through windows and other transparent, reflective, and distorting entities when I first… Le parcours divisé en sept étapes thématiques retrace l’ensemble de la carrière du photographe pragois, de 1920 à 1976, à travers une sélection de cent trente œuvres. But when I went to choose some of his images to illustrate my meaning I realised 'influence' wasn't the correct word. Sudek’s work in the 1920s comprised portraits, genre photographs, Prague architecture, and the play of light on the landscape. Josef (Václav František) Sudek est né en Tchécoslovaquie, le 17 mars 1896 à Kolín, en Bohême, dans une ville industrielle au bord de l’Elbe, située à une trentaine de kilomètres de Prague. Josef Sudek was a Czech photographer, best known for his photographs of Prague. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. Josef Sudek lived in perhaps one of the most unstable times and one of the most unstable countries of the 20th Century. During The First World War he was drafted into the Austro-Hungarian Army in 1915 and served on the Italian Front until he was wounded in the right arm in 1916. … Josef Sudek made this still life of a pear, taken close up laying on the edge of a wooden table, for his friend, the painter Andrej Belecvetov, in the 1950s. Le Jeu de Paume présente une vaste exposition rétrospective consacrée au photographe Josef Sudek. The Czech-American Drahomír Josef Růžička introduced him to the purist pictorialism practiced in America, which then had an influence on Sudek’s photographs. During this decade Sudek increasingly engaged with the still-life genre.

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