What to do with leftover steak? I just slowly reheat it over the stove. I have no idea what it is about steak and eggs but I crave it like all the time. You don’t really need a recipe for a steak burrito—you know what you like in there. I can change it based on my mood, what I have on hand, and who is eating it.“Planned” Leftover BurritosThis is a “planned” leftover burrito because I usually have some sort of meat – roasted chicken, steak, fish, etc. Make Steak Burritos. I am not a steak lover and I have never had a Chipotle steak burrito. Chowhound. Related Reading: Try This Secret Ingredient for the Best Scrambled Eggs Ever. I love a manly beefy burrito. Recipe: “Planned” Leftover BurritosHow long does it take? Ok, so here’s the truth. Here's a burrito inspired by San Francisco's super burritos that come packed with meat, beans, rice, cheese, guacamole and salsa. But you may want to sear it in a pan per this Crispy Steak Burrito recipe. These steak and egg breakfast burritos are filled with steak, mushrooms, scrambled eggs and homemade steak sauce for the most epic breakfast burritos ever! Brilliant right? Leftover Steak Burritos. They have a different sort of bite versus a traditional burrito made with hamburger or chicken. We've kept this home-style version a bit simpler to make and a whole lot healthier with brown rice, whole-wheat tortillas and a more reasonable serving size. 10 min prep, 20 min cookCategory: OmnivoreName: JessicaWhy is it a favorite meal? 8. They are pretty easy and most of the time I actually just use leftover steak tossed with the marinade. It works just as good and it’s the best way to use up any left over steak. So I make these burritos A LOT. I especially love Steak Burritos. To make these beefy pho burritos (or "pho-ritos"), cut leftover steak very thinly, and warm it gently, for rolling up in extra-large flour tortillas with vegetables, broth, lime juice, sauces, and soft noodles. Give everyday burritos a flavor makeover with this delicious mash-up of Vietnamese and Mexican cuisines. Or you can turn your leftovers into a hearty breakfast burrito with eggs and/or potatoes in the mix. Steak Burritos. So much that I purposefully don’t finish all of my steak so I can then have it for breakfast.

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