It has a strong grip when attached, though, so it won’t slip off too easily. That said, I’d love to see someone—Lenovo, Brydge, whatever—make an aftermarket keyboard/trackpad with stiffer build quality, backlit keys, and a glass touchpad. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In short, hell yes. In other words: the touchpad is much better when used on a flat surface. If I had to pick one area where some corners were cut, it would have to be with the keyboard. In CrXPRT 2 benchmarks, the Duet brought up the rear, as expected. For just under $300, you get one of the most versatile little devices I’ve ever used. If it were a $100 add-on, the Duet keyboard might not be worth buying, but as a bundled accessory, it’s a fantastic addition to an already great tablet. Closing the keyboard on the screen turns off the screen, but because there’s no magnetic closure on the keyboard side, it’ll slip, slide, and flop open while carrying the Duet inside a bag. Easily. It feels a lot like using a big phone, with intuitive back and home gestures that make the UI smart and animated. You’d expect that a gadget with this much to offer at this price would have to flex (figuratively, of course) somewhere. Alas, this is will always be an issue on compact devices like this—a standard keyboard is about 12-inches across without the numpad, and there just isn’t enough room for that here. Just don’t try to carry it by the kickstand—it’s not that strong. With version 81, Google introduced Android-inspired gestures for navigation. The seams are tight, the buttons are clicky, and it feels really well-made. That is to say, plenty good enough. Google has done a lot to make Chrome OS better for touch, especially with the most recent versions. It was smart for Lenovo to split the keyboard case into two parts. Especially both. Alas, there will always be compromises on devices like this—if it’s great for touch, keyboard/mouse input is sacrificed, and vice versa. Most Chrome OS devices I’ve used in the past have mediocre battery life, especially when idle. The Lenovo Duet comes with a magnetic case that fits like a glove. It will get through a day with enough power, plenty of juice, and very little fuss. All Rights Reserved, Exceptionally high quality at this price point, Very good performance and exceptional battery life, The rightmost keys on the keyboard are tiny, Chrome OS still isn't the most touch-friendly, but it keeps getting better, 1x USB-C port, volume rocker, power button (, In the box: tablet, detachable keyboard, detachable kickstand. Battery life, however, is another story, a very good story with a happy ending. Everything has its compromises, right? Yes, sites load a bit slower and videos take a beat longer to start playing, but it was very bearable in my testing. Your mileage will vary depending on what you want to do with it, of course, but for the most part, the Duet will perform about as well as an Intel Celeron or OP1 processor. For my money, I’d much rather have better battery life than the fastest processor in a Chromebook anyway, and the Duet more than delivers where it counts. It’s not going to replace your main laptop. Both pieces attach firmly and work well together, but they’re more intriguing as separate pieces. As you might expect, the keys are pretty small, which takes some time to get used to. I can tell you this much: the core component of the device—the tablet itself—is rock solid. Once I finally figured that out, however, I was aware of it and able to keep it from happening by making sure the keyboard was always level. They're right at home on a tablet this small. Its MediaTek Helio P60T was slow back when it launched in 2018, and a bare-minimum 4GB of RAM means you won’t be keeping dozens of tabs open. The Duet’s quirky personality more than makes up for its pokey processor, so while it might not stand up to even a middling Chromebook like the Pixelbook Go in speed tests, the Duet will absolutely stand out in the crowd. Overall, though, the Duet is more versatile and powerful than I anticipated. And it won’t cost you anything. The shelf automatically hides, with the bar transforming into an Android-like navigation bar. I mean, don’t get me wrong here—this is still a device with a 10.1-inch screen, a mobile processor, and just 4 GBs of RAM. Not the Duet though—I think I’ve had to charge it on average once a week and I use it every evening for a few hours at a time. But even if we weren’t shrouded in the financial and social uncertainty of a pandemic, the Duet would be the perfect Chromebook for most people. When you need a tablet, just pull the stand cover off the back, and you have a lightweight tablet. The difference here is that it’s split into two parts, with the back acting as a sort of protector when the keyboard isn’t in use. While the keys have a nice travel, typing on it is a little cramped due to the small size—and some of the keys, including the comma and apostrophe, are half-sized, which makes them harder to hit. Before we get into that, here’s a quick look at the specs as reviewed: Back in the day, I had an ASUS Chromebook Flip C100.

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