Terms of Use | After we figure these things out, we realize that there is a loam deck for everyone. If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand. I had been considering replacing Traumatize with Fleet Swallower a while back, and in conjunction with Fraying Sanity either one is a healthy dose of cheese without too much jank. Loam makes it so that we never run out of gas by letting us effectively spend all of our available mana every turn for some marginal effect that adds up to a board state that the opponent won’t be able to overcome. C $14.73. On the topic of cards like Library and Arena, there's also other persistent sources of card draw, like Erebos, God of the Dead, Greed and Arguel's Blood Fast If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand.) As it stands, I have 10 effects that can get Excavator, so he's never far from reach. From United States. Return up to three target land cards from your graveyard to your hand. Especially with Muldrotha, I've been heavily focused on permanents recently and getting away from instants and sorceries unless I can figure out a way to recur them - Archaeomancer, Mystic Sanctuary, Snapcaster Mage (too expensive for my taste) for example. So far, this hasn't posed too big of a problem. Life from the Loam This site is unaffiliated. The lands are nice but scute seems too powerful to ignore Deck. That makes me feel a little silly, hahaha. Attention! With access to the Cycle lands from MH1, we now have every tool we need to drown opponents in card advantage drawing up to 4 cards a turn, or shoot them for 6 every turn forever thanks to Seismic, or even now put down 6 power worth of 2/2s every turn thanks to Ayula’s Influence. Dredge 3 (If you would draw a card, instead you may put exactly three cards from the top of your library into your graveyard. by vomitpile, Jormungandr the Powersnake Otherwise, draw a card.) by KraigwithaC. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, Formatting errors — Copied to clipboard. Life from the Loam has made the deck even more efficient and capable of holding it's own in 1 vs. 1 and multi-player games. Help | Types: Sorcery. Loam isn’t looking to win the 100 meter dash, it wants to take down the marathon. =D, Mirror-Mad Phantasm is awesome and I'm sad I was unaware of this card until now! If you do, return this card from your graveyard to your hand. Hopefully I provided some decent food for thought. You mention in your description you only play birds as your dork, in the hopes of getting Azusa out earlier, otherwise they are dead draws (unless used as fodder for Fauna Shaman or Survival). Life from the Loam I got caught up a bit with schoolwork at the end of last week. I typed out my response a couple of days ago, but I must've managed to only click Preview and not Post. Ancient Greenwarden looks too good to pass on, so I'll probably try that out. ;). Life from the Loam is a beautiful card. Verified Purchase. Green is my favorite color in Magic, and this list is Green to a T. Personally, I'd like to see a little more interaction here, but it's worth noting that I was scarred by Winter Orb and Static Orb early on in my EDH tenure, so I'm usually over-prepared to blow one up. May 2, 2015. There's always a problematic permanent it can get rid of, and in this deck in particular, the Deathtouch is also pretty nice.

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