When the banjo is fully assembled, the rods work in exactly this same way, actually deforming the shell to tilt the neck. The smaller nut next to the rim (that holds the neck in position) should be as tight as it can be. The coordinator rod on the inside of the pot/rim of the banjo is used to adjust the action of the banjo neck. I have included two sound samples of the same banjo recorded just seconds apart before and after loosening the coordinator rod nuts. Gold Picks can access ALL standard member content! You can experiment and find where your banjo is happiest at but just over finger tight is a good place to start. Banjo Setup with Steve Huber- Coordinator Rod Adjustment Coordinator Rod Adjustment. Watch Later Store Lesson Offline Discuss Save Bookmark. TODO: Reviews. ACTION ADJUSTMENT: TOOLS: Nail/small Allen wrench, ½” open end wrench (wrench size varies from banjo to banjo – Gibson 7/16, and Ome has some that require 1/2) 1. DO get a different bridge if your action is totally wrong. Sometimes just a little adjustment is all it takes to make a big difference. Learn to coordinate your coordinator rods! Workshop: Import Banjo Turnbuckle Coordinator Rod Many folks who've bought a low-end Asian-import banjo in the last 5 decades have found this type of coordinator rod "under the hood" when they go to adjust their instruments. These usually can't be lubricated, so I just accept them the way they are! Instrument Care. Purchase … As has been indicated, and with a bow to respected sources that recommend a different course of action, the use of coordinator rod action adjustment is quite controversial. The coordinator rod also serves to firmly anchor the neck to the rim, making a stable unit. Some banjos have "two way" adjustable rods with non-removable nuts. Members Only. This is the best way to get your action into a ballpark range that'll be close enough to adjust with the coordinator rods. Added 8 months ago. View the next lesson in the Banjo Setup with Steve Huber course. Banjo Beginner. If I'm making any adjustment to the truss rod, I'll back the nut way off and lubricate the threads. Before adjusting the neck angle, it's important to make sure the neck is tightly mounted to the shell. That way I'm not fighting excess friction when adjusting the nut. These are very simple. You can get bridges of all different heights. If your banjo has a single rod, this warning is doubled I'd avoid more than ~16" of adjustment.

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