Marjoram Herb Marjoram: Evansville. Lavender Seed Oil D8 00 04 CF 7B 05. Create Oils in Herbalism Tab. Obtained. Best thing to make is Majoram seed oil and Majoram flower oil. Marjoram Seed Oil D8 00 02 CF 7B 05. Since gathering herbs and ores is new to Maplestory (introduced on July 11th, 2011) I am going to do my best to get everybody up to speed with the basics. Marjoram Seed Oil D8 00 02 CF 7B 05. There are 5 professions you can pick from, and they are split into 2 separate types: Collecting and Creating. *Marjoram Flower Oil x2 - Harvest Silver Herb. 7 Cherry Sage Herb Cherry Sage Red Bloom Dust: Crystal Vale. You'll be needing a lot for day three, so just make them until you max fatigue again. Lavender Flower Oil D8 00 01 CF 7B 05. Used to craft the following items: Health Potion (1000) Level 1 Alchemy; Requires 3 bottles of Marjoram Seed Oil and 50 Basic Empty Bottles; Strength Potion I. Please note that plants are what you harvest herbs from, and veins are what you harvest ores from. *Intermediate Extractor - [i]Must have Level 4 Alchemy[/i]: Disassembles Equips under level 90 Marjoram Flower Oil D8 00 03 CF 7B 05. Lavender Seed Oil D8 00 04 CF 7B 05 … Create Oils in Herbalism Tab. Marjoram Flower Oil D8 00 03 CF 7B 05. Clary Sage Oil. "Marjoram seed oil. 4 Mandarin Herb Mandarin: Resortville. Day three, with the oils you made the day before and lots of empty bottles, spend day three making Health potion (1000) and Mana potion (1000). (minerals: bronze, silver, steel, adamantium, orihalcon, opal, amethyst, sapphire) (herbs: marjoram, lavender, rosemary, mandarin) (powders: blue and brown) Refined using 2 Marjoram Seeds and 1 Basic Herb Oil Bottle (requires Herbalism) Must be in the vicinity of the Herb Boiling Pot in Ardentmill; Uses. 1 Lavender Herb Lavender Purple Bloom Dust: Queenstown. The rest of the stuff you can make at level 1 isn't worth it. 3 Lemon Balm Herb Lemon Balm White Bloom Dust: Silverstone Bridge. D8 00 01 CF 7B 05. Clary Sage Oil. 1 Alchemy." Does any of you know why heartstone, gold flower, mysterious herb/vein do not drop level 1-4 materials? 6 Tea Tree Herb Tea Tree: Oasis Town. 2 Rosemary Herb Rosemary: Middleton. 5 Jasmine Herb Jasmine Plum Bloom Dust: New Goldus. Used in Lv.

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