7 Beginner Projects for the Novice metalworker. source: weebly.com. In honor of all the fantastic things our community posts, we're holding our second Metal Contest - it starts on 5/19!. This is a nice and simple project that is great for absolute beginners. Use a 4 jaw chuck and make this shiny metal dice a great starter pack and also you can make good use of the scrap materials here. To create this metalworking project take your steel sheet and cut into a large circle. I really like all of these instructables and have tried most of them out my self. A Metal Dice can be a good starter project for the beginners who want to be a pro at the lathe machines. Metalworking Projects For Beginners: Table: You can make a metal table for your home or office, or you can make a welding table for metalwork projects. A nice and simple project for beginners includes a slide hammer. This is for all of the people who are starting out who might need some good projects to try. It doesn’t take too long to do, but it will give an opportunity to … Awesome Beginners Metal Working Projects: Metal working is one of my favorite things to do! Now place your … Keep an eye on the entries for even more metalworking tutorials! Rings; Learning to make basic rings, like a metal wedding ring, will go along way to teaching the basics of a metalworking lathe. Lincoln Electric has offered up some great welders and accessories as prizes, so check out the contest and start brainstorming. The metalworking projects on Instructables have always been some of my favorites! Slide Hammer If you’re working with pull dowels, which are a common fixturing element in many shops, then you’ll need one of these in your toolbox. These authors are all am… If the project isn’t challenging enough, more advanced projects can focus on their finishing techniques, producing something that looks professional and ornamental.

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