The reason of this behaviour is twofold.1. When the anxious mother chid her wondrous Son that He had caused her three days' sorrowful search, He gently and brightly replied, "But how is it you went about looking for Me; did it not occur to you that I should certainly be in my Father's house?" THE THING DAVID DESIRES, viz. The true soul will ever have its resolve, its mark, its aim.1. "Because He is One "we are to love the Lord our God with all our heart and mind and soul and strength." And they have thought that there must surely be a purer affection than this, to mark the outset of the great transition from sin unto righteousness; and the one they have specified is the disinterested love of God. In the time of trouble he is hid in the secret of his Father's pavilion, and on the battlefield screened in the covert of the tabernacle! In the Lord's house, his presence was specially manifested; and those who know the Lord know well that there is no home like being by their Saviour's side, in his house. And not only by particular precepts, but by its secret and less visible influence, it prepares the minds of men for submission to lawful authority. Some gossip and share grudges. See plainly in David that the hearts of the godly do sincerely desire and faithfully strive for perseverance in the state of grace which at this day is dwelling in God's house.2. Chalmers, D. D.Ere we can conceive the love of gratitude towards another, we must see in him the love of kindness towards us; and thus, by those who have failed to distinguish between a love of the benefit, and a love of the benefactor, has the virtue of gratitude been resolved into the love of ourselves. All that charms eye, ear, imagination, or heart, is attended with double pleasure, when we share it in the company of others. )The influence of prayer upon characterE. It is the public institutions of religion; the observance of the Lord's day; our assembling together for divine worship.III. They see supreme beauty and excellence in His power and wisdom, in His justice and sovereignty, in His mercy and grace, as they are continually exercised for the highest good of the universe.III. Tell us if all the glory and gracefulness of the landscape which had thus started into view, would charm the beholder for a moment from the terrors of his coming destruction! (2) To be beautified in soul with inward graces, through regeneration, as faith, virtue, godliness, etc. (2) To be beautified in soul with inward graces, through regeneration, as faith, virtue, godliness, etc. This was why he would inquire and dwell in the temple, that there, in heaven's rest, in all the days of heaven's life, he might behold the beauty of the Lord.(T. They "inquire" in his temple for directions for daily life; or they muse on the glories of the temple as the seat of Jehovah's presence. It is single — "one thing." Yes, indeed; for there are moments when the sins of the past do rise up so terribly into the memory, that for a while they seem to eclipse all besides; and then faith heaves a sigh and drops a tear. Pierson.I. His mercy and grace. "I have found David, the son of Jesse, a man after Mine own heart." Haynes. Watered by the dews of Heaven, which fall here, the olive-plants will flourish round your table. The first thing is not the disinterested love of God — let none be troubled or embarrassed as if it were — but faith. A soldier, renowned; a ruler, with great power; a poet, with great celebrity; a father, full of affection; amid all the changes of his varied fortune, "one thing" was the master-passion of his life.II. "Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord." It was the "one thing" he "desired and longed after," and in some faint measure attained to. He knew that to be out of God's house was to be out of God's favour (Genesis 4:14; 2 Kings 17:18, 20).Uses —. (3) To be adorned in life with new obedience (Psalm 15:2, 3; Psalm 24:3, 4).2. I am afraid that Amiel's description of God as the "Great Misunderstood" is pathetically true.1. One man weighs so little versus the community, the State, the race, that his whole force and influence are needed in one place to accomplish anything. It is an infinite mercy to hear the sweet whisper of God to the heart, "Seek me." 1. Paramount. A holy emulation will rise in the bosoms of the faithful: the ardour will spread from breast to breast, and the passions of one inflame the passions of all.II. Thus gazing on the love of God revealed in the Blessed Trinity, they become themselves conformed to the beauty of His charity and so become to Him a joy.3. Saints as well as others can see no excellence in the greatness and majesty of God, separately from His perfect holiness and benevolence.2. That might be true at that period of his history, but he started with eyes. )The attractiveness of God's characterAndrew Gray.But, it will be asked, is He not rather a dreadful God? Spiritual beauty appeals to the eye of the soul, and we know not that we are blind. These must fade. No, for the terrible is not always repulsive. Now we shall delight in God for Himself; the love of moral esteem is now free to take up its abode in us as before it could not do. In some measure. Without this there can be no salvation. One of Goethe's characters complains that his soul has only feelers. Note the purpose that inspired the psalmist's prayer. Faith soliloquizes. Watered by the dews of Heaven, which fall here, the olive-plants will flourish round your table. )David's master-passionJ.

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