What is the importance of logic in life? Wherever the occurrence of any one or more than one event is needed to be detected or some actions are to be taken after their occurrence, in all those cases OR gates can be used. GIVE 5 USES OF OR GATE IN DAILY LIFE? It is explained below. Fig below shows the Circuit Diagram of Street Lighting System which mainly consists of Logic Gate (s) (NOT and OR Gate), Switch and Light Sensor. Solve company interview questions and improve your coding intellect Possible for electronics and application of in daily life applications of logic gate ics have two inputs are properly closed or and radios. APPLICATION OF LOGIC GATES IN DAILY LIFE FILE Using the table above and a Karnaugh map, we find the following logic equations for and : =. To understand the working principle of Logic Gates, let us consider the example of Street Lighting System. NOR Gate Applications. Platform to practice programming problems. Fig. Originally posted by lil_susi@May 10 2005, 04:31 PM Hey guyz can u tell me : "The Applications of Logic Gates in our daily life ".I want you peepz to comment on it...actually it's my quiz and I need lil help..I know abt the Logic Gates,what are they and how they work but dunno abt their applications in depth...so if anyone can tell me it wud be a great help! Logic NOR gate can be used to construct EX-OR gates and some other real time applications. Any digital circuit can be constructed of just NOT and AND gates (i.e. Expert Answer: Logic gates are used as building blocks of digital electronics. The simplest semiconductor componentthe diodehas several core uses related to its essential purpose of regulating the. In Figure 2, an AND gate has been constructed from simple switches. To build any sort of non-trivial digital device, you must have NOT gates, or inverters. Gates of the 1st level can be reused as several. Working Principle of Logic Gates. application-of-logic-gates-in-daily-life.pdf 15 May 2018 What are some practical applications of a NOT Gate. How is a NAND logic gate used in real life?. One of its real time applications is ‘Mixer tank’. Whether or not the output of the logic gate is a 1 or 0 (high or low) depends on how the logic gate is designed. gate, the logic gate processes that input signal into an output. If you observe the below diagram, we use a 3-input NOR gate to control the flow of ingredients of a mixer tank. NAND gates), or NOT and OR gates (NOR gates). 9 – Symbol and Truth Table of XNOR Gate. application or gate in daily life applications of frequency is the truth table for measurement of a means for logical or gate will the circuit. Asked by shubham jain | 22nd Jan, 2014, 07:58: PM.

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