Due to their vicious hunting techniques, hawks and falcons are considered to be birds of prey. Most of my succulents have been eaten away this year mainly because it has been so dry and they are both hungry and thirsty. I haven’t been able to get any of the cams since the maintenance takedown yesterday. Jill, Sorry I didn’t reply earlier that indeed I think you have a family of Coopers hawks. My two guesses are: dark bird with white wingtips could be a Black Vulture or a Crested Caracara. Here is the link to a photo taken April 2, if you care to take a look at it: Re foods I read as well as rodents they like larger birds like robins and especially doves but early in my yard they ate small little nuthatches. If this is a young hawk (top of tail not red) then it hasn’t learned how to hunt and mistakenly thinks your dogs would be easy to catch. Here is some information about the bird:, A word of caution for your father: It is illegal to shoot birds of prey without first obtaining a special “depredating” permit from US Fish and Wildlife showing (in the permit application) that hawks are eating your farm animals — and even then only certain hawk species which might eat farm animals may be taken. So I guessed it might be a broad wing hawk, but of course without being able to see it, there is not much of a chance of knowing what it was. And just before the end, the 2 squawking/whistling young just landed in the oak tree again! I live in a highly-wooded area and I noticed the bird’s wingspan in flight was wide, so I’ve concluded it was a hawk. Today I’ll tell you how to identify the birds yourself. falcon, eagle, hawk logo with feather / wings as letter F concept design vector template illustration. When the hawks arrived tonight – 3 squirrels playing on my neighbors roof & tree – absolutely raced for cover. We watched and waited, curious as to why the hawk lingered with its wiggling creature so long without further attempt to kill or eat it. I just can’t find the birds with the binoculars fast enough to get a good look at them, and I have a hard time learning the songs. I did manage to see a towhee when I was in Boyce Mayview park last Thursday, and I thought I saw an owl flying through the trees, but he was gone before I could get the binoculars on him (but I know owls usually nest in that part of the park). It has been perching on top of the bushes and then diving into the bushes with it’s wings spread as if to block an escape route. Perhaps your father didn’t realize that. Sharon, if other birds are around then the hawk might be a juvenile (unskilled) or a species that doesn’t eat birds, so they aren’t afraid. Red-tails have white lower bellies versus peregrines’ striped all the way down. Can anyone help me identify the type of bird it is? It has vertical chest stripes like a juvenile peregrine. I thought it was a hawk, but my grandson says its a falcon. There was a hawk in our factory and I was curious to know what it actually was for certain. Sydney, your description sounds like a Mississippi Kite, an uncommon bird of prey that eats only insects — dragonflies and such — which it catches in the air. Notice their cheeks and bellies. I’m in a neighborhood about 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis with many huge old trees. -or- I have a third floor office, top floor of the building, with large windows which overlooks the Mississippi River. They are mostly white with a split tail and light grey wings on top. This is a great activity for a variety of reasons. It is an uncommon bird. I was hoping that you may help me. By comparison: Peregrines hunt in open places where they can dive from above or chase.

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