Return the samples by mail for testing. email. All prices are shown before taxes. will now be carrying our "Non Legal" Paternity Test kit in a store near you. Make a monetary donation today. 1 Paternity Testing Centers of Canada co-creators Carla Foley and Alison Duffy are pushing for greater availability of paternity test kits across North America. 1 800 830-6306, Paternity test Address: 2211 Smith Street Regina Saskatchewan S4P 2P5. Prenatal test If you are doing a court-admissible DNA test, we will ask for 1 ID card for the alleged We offer personalized service and flexible work hours. Do the collection by swabbing the inside of the mouth. A simple and painless mouth swab collection is sufficient to do a DNA test that will exclude paternity ® Trade-mark of Interac Inc. Used under 2 DNA Test, or here specifically for the Paternity test. Paternity Testing Centers of Canada wants to be your Legal and Non Legal Paternity DNA provider. For a paternity test, the alleged father and the child must both be collected. bring a passport-style photo for all tested participants. call us at 1 800 830-6306 or fill the form below, Dial this phone number for an appointment in REGINA: Schedule your appointment via phone call today at 800-831-0178. The Legal DNA Paternity Test is permissible in court but will require an appointment with one of our Legal Testing Locations to perform the test. However, 2 It Contact us with your concerns and compliments Donate. All communications including the test results with Paternity Testing Centers of Canada are treated with strict confidentiality to ensure only our clients receive the information about the tests performed. If the alleged father is in fact the biological father, the paternity will be confirmed with a minimum probability of 99.99%. Please call the central booking number at 1-855-284-6553 to schedule appointments. DNAForce strives to offer a professional and efficient service because we understand if this is not possible, two distinct appointments even at different locations can be had with appointment. A copy of the accreditation certification Buy your test kit today! Q-Tips.   You can find your nearest store by viewing the list of stores that currently carry our test by clicking here. Although not permissible in court, the Non Legal test uses advanced DNA technology to ensuure that paternity testing is accurate, rapid and an affordable means for obtaining conclusive answers with respect to parentage. By testing 16 to 28 genetic markers a more complete DNA profile from all the parties being tested is used to provide conclusive results; in paternity cases up to 99.999% accuracy. 5 Get your results!by mail and/orby 4 Since we are based in Canada and serve all of Canada, we have very affordable prices. CALL NOW 888-398-0059, Regina, NM, Sandoval County. Our DNA Paternity Test offers a clear unequivocal answer. This is the document most widely accepted by American courts, the IRS, insurance companies, agencies and more. Laboratory Direct Pricing: US $99 for Complete DNA Paternity Test Complete DNA Paternity Test $99 (34% off, previously $150) Because you are ordering directly from the laboratory, you pay less than with a broker, but the quality of testing is much greater. Paternity Testing Centers of Canada - Regina We are a 100% Canadian owned company trusted by many legal firms and social service agencies whom rely on the professionalism and integrity of our work. The DNA test … Legal Paternity Test Provides a notarized document. 2 Come to your appointment in one of our Your test … Privacy Policy Order a kit online or by phone. 3 The STR DNA tests that we propose (including the paternity test) are done in our

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