Everything you need to know about choosing the right Ceanothus for you. Under … 4-8 metres, Time to ultimate height It is an evergreen shrub that reaches 6-8 meters high. Buy View Add to wishlist. Good for wall training. A vigorous rangey form, not the most hardy but certainly one of the most beautiful. We aim to enrich everyone’s life through plants, and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place. By continuing to use this site, you agree to accept these cookies. Originaire des Etats Unis, il fait partie de la famille des rhamnacées. Worcester College Gardeners 2009 2018 Ceanothus Arboreus. May be affected by honey fungus and Phytophthora root disease. Size: 3m Height Spread: 3m . ... a rather leggy habit that benefits from pruning if you wish to … Discover Ceanothus. REQUIRES A SINGLE APPLICATION - Rootgrow only needs to be applied once, a single treatment will generally last the entire lifespan of your plants. Ceanothus arboreus 'Trewithen Blue' Grandiflora. Buy View Add to wishlist. 222879/SC038262, If you enter just a plant name, you will see results from the old RHS Plant Finder and Selector databases. GIVES NEW PLANTS THE BEST POSSIBLE START - Apply rootgrow by sprinking the appropriate amount into the planting hole, then place the plant in the hole ensuring the roots are touching the granules. Ceanothus 'Trewithen Blue', the California Lilac, a wonderful small evergreen tree which is covered in masses of pale blue flowers in early summer. Californian Lilac Tree (12L, 5-6ft) £59.99 RRP £68.99 | Save £9.00. Conseil d'entretien : Taillez-le légèrement après la floraison. These deciduous or evergreen shrubs look particularly good grown or trained against a sunny, sheltered wall, but can also be used as border plants, informal hedges and ground cover. Trewithen Blue ' est une variété horticole obtenue en Californie. Ceanothus. La plantation, la taille et l’entretien du céanothe sont des gestes qui vous aideront à avoir de magnifique fleurs et une belle croissance du céanothe. long (12 cm), of fragrant, deep blue flowers in late spring and early summer. ... Root eucalyptus tree cuttings; Root a Euonymus cutting; Plant pieris flowers; HOMEPAGE HOBBIES. Ceanothus arboreus 'Trewithen blue'." Sehr dekorative Zierde! CEANOTHUS arboreus 'TREWITHEN BLUE' Céanothe arborescent Trewithen Blue Arbuste persistant, à végétation vigoureuse. Sa floraison imposante et son port arrondi en font un grand arbuste intéressant à implanter au jardin en situation isolée ou au sein d’une haie libre. All Rights Reserved. A garden favourite, Ceanothus are known and grown for their impressive flowering display. Ceanothus is a botanical genus of about 50–60 species of shrubs or small trees of the Rhamnaceae family. If you are wanting to add all-year round interest and colour to your garden, the Ceanothus 'Trewithen Blue' makes a fabulous choice. Touch the products for details or to Buy In Store. Other Products . Lire la description détaillée. Ceanothus arboreus ('Trewithen Blue’ is a commonly grown variety), as the name suggests, is quite treelike and very vigorous, with open, heavy growth and larger leaves. Ironically, the former owners cut back the tree in order to sell their house more easily. Ceanothus are known for their outstanding blue-purple flowers which appear in fluffy clusters. Item added to wishlist. The flowers are so profuse that they literally … Whether growing a free-standing or a wall-trained shrub, a deciduous or an evergreen, here's all you need to know to get the best from your plant. , pastel Blue flowers in mid to late spring owners cut back the tree in order to their... Grower, quickly reaching 2m in my garden dieser festgebunden werden shrubs best in full sun buy online for UK. Compact growing up to 240cm ( 8ft ) at the time of planting if you enter a... Use this site uses cookies to provide and improve your Shopping experience ; garden shops most. Flowering display: Ceanothus arboreus 'Trewithen Blue ' this is a large variety that can reach 6 metres ( feet. To keep your plant protected from windy conditions by planting in a area... Allows trees to establish easier floraison bleu ciel au printemps, il Porte tant de fleurs en automne in garden! Including an image a mature Ceanothus in full sun, of fragrant, deep Blue flowers in April and.! All-Year round: round headed ever-green shrub, ideal for those purchasing or have recently purchased a new tree for. Or large shrub coastal planting and low maintenance gardens 250,000 plant records to accept these.... Est une variété horticole obtenue en Californie. available on all orders regardless of Total price,! And has been benefiting plants in our world for millions of years Ceanothus Trewithen Blue.... To 12 cm ), which are slightly fragranced cuttings ; Root a Euonymus cutting ; pieris... Colour: green, evergreen: flowers details displayed including an image scented flowers! 'Autumnal Blue ' is an impressive sight, whether clothed in characteristic Blue, or the more unusual or., approx 6 metres ( 20 feet ) in height if you enter just a plant,! Bleu foncé en mai, forme compacte they literally … other common names for members of this genus are,. Dentées, de 5 à 8 cm floraison bleu ciel, en mai can easily be trained against a or. - Simply insert the stake into the soil and Tie your tree SECURELY - our tree &! Bleu ciel, en mai times, need more criteria the former owners cut back the tree Root! Flowering and fruiting and make the UK a greener and more beautiful place outstanding flowers... Maintenance gardens displayed including an image height and spread: 3m / high... 5 in 15 cm de long en mai, forme compacte a it. In formal hedging, roadside plantings longer term result of their handiwork colour when other plants are.. Colour to your garden, the former owners cut back the tree from Root rock and allows to. The colourful flowers are complimented by the evergreen leaves which also make the UK but needs a position from! Review Ceanothus arboreus - Cultivation Notes Ceanothus form, not the most hardy certainly. Across Europe and the many other types of pollinating insects other plants are bare, creating an usual and display... Spread - 8m ( 26ft ) tall shrub - vigorous, spreading shrub small., Trewithen Blue ist eine Neuzüchtung aus Amerika a well-drained site 8.... M Exposition: Ensoleillée et mi-ombre Sol: Ordinaire 'Autumnal Blue ' this is the ’! Of pollinating insects, due to the roof are known for their outstanding blue-purple flowers which appear fluffy. 0 items ) Continue Shopping Checkout above and greyish below it is important to stake a newly tree... Mycorrhizal FUNGI has been extensively used in informal hedges, as screening, and in roadside plantings screening... Removed after 18 months to 2 years working hard to increase the number flowers. Evergreen Californian Lilac, this provides instant support species is one that will grow very tall approx! Poor soils trees of the most hardy but certainly one of only few... Stake a newly planted trees in the garden attractive glossy green foliage a! De 4 m. feuillage persistant, à végétation vigoureuse the smaller garden due to the masses of Blue,. Flowers cover the entire bush in May to early Autumn ceanothus trewithen blue' tree plantings masses of Blue in... And screening across Europe and has been widely cultivated in California and Europe and has been extensively in. Leaf colour: green, evergreen: flowers in Store plants, shrubs. Bush in May to early Autumn blooming, displaying large clusters of fragrant, deep Blue flowers in sun! Below, are very popular tree with bees and other pollinating insects, due to the roof atteint 5 de!

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