Thank you for your comment. Lot of activity going on in Grenoble! ); Thank you for your comment. Thank-you for letting us know. We have updated the link to the Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technologies at Chalmers University. We have added them to this list of Universities. It is organized by country to make the universities easier to find. Also, in China, we have Baidu, Huawei, and Alibaba and other companies listed on either the Public Company or Private/Startup pages. Thanks! We have added it to this list of Universities. We have added UC Davis to this list. UC Davis’ QMAP was missed Chalmers University of Technology – Wallenberg Centre for Quantum Technology (Sweden) has its website on this address: Thank you for letting us know about the quantum computing research at the University of Tokyo. Thank you for our great suggestion. We have added Khalifa University to this list of Universities. Check out the link We have added it to this listing. We have added your University of Virginia group to this list. This is still a work in progress but you can find the preliminary version here. (function( timeout ) { }. We have added the University of Amsterdam to this list. Thank you for catching this oversight. And we have added the Quantum Technology Group on the Government/Non-Profit page. HRI, Allahabad, India This is the correct link to their Station Q page. Announcement link:, There is also a group in Rome, Italy. The first course starts January 6, 2020 and the full degree program begins in Fall 2020. }, This list will be updated from time-to-time. The Colorado School Of Mines has major quantum computing research and is part of a major federally funded research project. We also have on the Government/Non-Profit page the Raman Research Institute in India and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Thanks for pointing this out. We hope that will make it easier to use for our readers. We have reorganized this list so that is is now arranged by country. Thank-you for the comment. Other than above US universities, if you would want to get to Canada, then, here is Institute of Quantum Computing – University of Waterloo where Quantum computing research is going on. We have added Amirkabir University on this page of Universities. If you know of any other organizations in China, Africa, or India working in the quantum field, please let us know their name and web address and we will add them to the list. Thank you for letting us know. The courses can also be taken as electives within other degree programs. We have added it to this list of Universities. Please add it. We have added UBC’s Quantum Matter Institute to this list. UC Santa Barbara: The following is a list of Quantum computing initiatives going in UCSB: Centre for … IBM Qiskit, Rigetti Forest, Microsoft QDK, Project Q, Review of the Cirq Quantum Software Framework, California Institute of Technology – Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM), Chapman University – Institute for Quantum Studies, Dartmouth – Quantum and Condensed Matter Physics Group, Georgia Tech Research Institute – Quantum Systems Group, Harrisburg University of Science and Technology, Harvard University – Harvard Quantum Initiative (HQI), Louisiana State University – Quantum Science and Technologies Group, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Engineering Quantum Systems Group, Michigan State University – Laboratory for Hybrid Quantum Systems, MIT Center for Quantum Engineering (MIT-CQE), MIT Lincoln Laboratory – Quantum Information and Integrated Nanosystems, Northwestern University INQUIRE Initiative, Princeton University – Quantum Science and Engineering, Southern Illinois University – Quantum Computing Group, Stanford University – Q-Farm (Stanford-SLAC Quantum Initiative), Syracuse University – Plourde Research Lab, Texas A&M – Computational and Data Intensive Physics Group, University of Arizona – Quantum Information and Materials Group, University of California Berkeley – Berkeley Quantum Information & Computation Center, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) – Center for Quantum Science & Engineering (CQSE), University of California, Riverside – Hemmerling Lab, University of California at Santa Barbara – Center for Spintronics and Quantum Computation, University of Chicago – Chicago Quantum Exchange, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Maryland, Baltimore County – Center for Accelerated Real Time Analytics (CARTA), University of Maryland, College Park – Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science (QuICS), University of Maryland, College Park – Joint Quantum Institute (JQI), University of New Mexico – Center for Quantum Information and Control (CQuIC), University of Oklahoma – Center for Quantum Research and Technology, University of Oregon – Oregon Center for Optical, Molecular and Quantum Science, University of Rochester – Quantum Nanostructures Group, University of Southern California – Information Sciences Institute, University of Texas at Austin – Quantum Information Center, University of Virginia – Quantum Fields and Quantum Information (QFQI), University of Washington – Trapped Ion Quantum Computing Group, University of Wisconsin at Madison – Wisconsin Institute for Quantum Information, Simon Fraser University – Silicon Quantum Technology Lab, Université de Sherbrooke – Institut quantique, University of British Columbia – Advanced Materials and Process Engineering Laboratory (AMPEL), University of British Columbia – Quantum Information Science, University of British Columbia – Quantum Matter institute, University of Calgary – Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Toronto – Centre for Quantum Information and Quantum Control, University of Waterloo – Institute for Quantum Computing, Lancaster University – Quantum Technology Centre, Newcastle University – Joint Quantum Centre, University of Bristol – Bristol Quantum Information Institute, University of Bristol – Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC), University of Sussex – Ion Quantum Technology Group, Telecom Paris – Quantum Information and Applications (IQA), Université Grenoble Alpes – Quantum Engineering, Keio University – Advancing Quantum Architecture (Aqua) Group, Osaka University – Quantum Computing Research Group, Tohoku University – Quantum Annealing Research & Development (T-QARD), Tokyo Institute of Technology (Tokyo Tech), LMU Munich – Quantum Applications and Research Laboratory (QAR-Lab), RWTH Aachen University – Institute for Quantum Information, Saarland University – Quantum and Solid State Theory Group, Monash University – Quantum Information Science Group (MonQIS), University of New South Wales (Member of CQC2T), University of Sydney – Quantum Science Research Group, University of Technology Sydney – Centre for Quantum Computation & Intelligent Systems (QCIS), Delft University of Technology and TNO – QuTech, Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) – Center for Quantum Materials and Technology, Leiden University – Applied Quantum Algorithms (AQA), University of Amsterdam – Quantum Matter & Quantum Information, University of Twente – Interfaces and Correlated Electrons (ICE) / Quantum Transport in Matter (QTM), Ben-Gurion University of the Negev – Center for Quantum Science & Technology (BGU-QST), Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Quantum Information Science Center, Technion – Center for Quantum Science, Matter and Engineering, University of Barcelona/Barcelona Supercomputing Center – QUANTIC, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Bhopal, Austrian Academy of Sciences – Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantum Information (IQOQI), Vienna Center for Quantum Science and Technology (VCQ), Sharif University – Quantum Information Science, Skoltech – Quantum Complexity Science Initiative, University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) – Division of Quantum Physics and Quantum Information, University of Copenhagen – Niels Bohr Institute, Khalifa University of Science and Technology – Quantum Computing Research Group, University of Lisbon/Instituto de Telecomunicações – Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group, University of Malta – Quantum Complexity Science Initiative, National University of La Plata – Quantum Information Research Group (QILP), Chiang Mai University – Research Center for Quantum Technology,,,,,,,,, IBM Quantum Grants Special Quantum Computing Access to the Unitary Fund Community, CQC and NPL To Collaborate For Advancement and Commercialization of Quantum Photonic Products, PAck Quantique (PAQ) Program Created in Paris to Fund Quantum Projects, M Squared Lasers Receives £32.5 million ($43.5M USD) in New Financing, Two New Quantum Networking Collaborations Announced in Canada and the Netherlands.

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